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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila presents Sabores Españoles at Spiral


 Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is presenting another Flavor of the World series for this month of June 2017. They are going to feature the popular dishes of Spain for a limited run at the 21 atelier Spiral Manila. Diners and food explorers will get a chance to taste and enjoy the food that are closer to our heart, because some of our local dishes here in the Philippines are inspired from Spain, and its a good fusion of Pinoy and Spanish recipe,  but experiencing the original thing is the best, they look the same just like our Paella, but for Spain's version of Paella (reads "Paeya") is more different when it comes to taste and way of preparing it.

Spiral Restaurant

Sabores Espanoles will run only from June 19-25, 2017 at the Spiral Manila, this is their 3rd installation of the culinary series every month-- Flavors of the World.

Here are the rates:

PHP 2,650 nett for Monday to Saturday Lunch
PHP 4,215 nett for Sunday brunch
PHP 3,100 nett for Sunday to Thursday dinner
PHP 3,350 nett for Friday and Saturday dinner

For Chef's table featuring Chef Nicolas Diaz
its on June 21 at the Davao and Boracay kitchen from 6pm onward
rate is PHP 3,800 nett per person

Spanish Cooking class is on June 20 at Spiral from 4pm with rate at PHP 1,500 nett per person

For inquiries and reservations, call +63-2 8326988 or email

Chef Nicolas Diaz

Guest chef for this month is Chef Nicolas Diaz, the Executive Corporate Chef  of Barcino Wine Resto Bar. Chef Nicolas is from the city of Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain, at Spiral he will feature Basque's traditional dishes, such as:  Bacalao al Pil-Pil, Marmitako (Tuna Basque style), Buñuelos de Bacalao (Spanish cod fritters) and Montaditos de Chipirones en su Tinta (Squid Ink).


The Sofitel Manila team and Chef Nicolas at the Spiral staircase, opening the Sabores Españoles at Spiral


In Spiral, you'll identify the Spanish dishes when you see a Spanish flag on the buffet table. But most of the Spanish food are all located at the French stove section, near the pizza area of Spiral.


Me and my wife enjoyed the lunch session with Spiral featuring their Sabores Españoles.
I skipped the other dishes and focus only to try and taste the dishes prepared by Chef Nicolas


Sangria as a warm up.


A red Sangria, my 2nd glass that made me jolly before meeting the new dishes.


Included in the list of Spanish dishes are:

Cocido Madrileño (Madrilenian Stew)
Callos a la Madrileña (Madrid-style Tripe)
Pulpo a Feira (Galician style octopus)
Almejas Salsa Verde (Clams in Green Sauce)
Asturia with Chorizo a la Sidra (Chorizo cooked in Cider)
Andalucia Region’s Gazpacho Andaluz (Cold Tomato Soup)
Granada’s Mejilones en Pipirrana
Málaga with Ajo Blanco Malagueño
Cordoba’s Guiso de Rabo de Toro (Oxtail Stew)
Paella Valenciana (Shellfish and Chicken)
Coca de Escalivada (Bread with roasted vegetables)
Ensalada Murciana (Murcia Salad)
Churros con Chocolate
Arroz con Leche
Tocino del Cielo (dessert similar to leche flan made from egg yolks and sugar)
Torrijas de Semana Santa
Flan de Huevo and Crema Catalana


Almejas Salsa Verde (Clams in Green Sauce)
Montaditos de Chipirones en su Tinta (Squid Ink)
Buñuelos de Bacalao (Spanish cod fritters)


My fave!
Arroz de calamar en su tinta
Its like a paella, but its a rice mixed with the creamy squid ink. Its the best food ever I tasted here at Spiral. The best pair for the squid dish.


Marmitako (Tuna Basque style)


Tortilla de patatas


Spiral chef cooking from chili prawns


Mejillones en pipirrana


Ensalada Murciana


Coca de escalivada


The best part also here at Sabores Españoles at Spiral is that they prepared some trivia on some Spanish dishes prepared at the atelier area



And here's my 1st plate and also my 2nd plate. I mainly concentrated on seafood because I super enjoyed eating it, a food that I rarely eat here at home.


Sabores Españoles at Spiral will have a limited run here in Sofitel Manila's Spiral, go visit and book a table now!

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