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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse - resto that make you feel every day is a Father's day


Its our first time to visit Fat Daddy's Smokehouse, we learned about this restaurant through the video blog of Mikey Bustos, he visited Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Burgos Circle in BGC and he dined there with his friends and we got a close look of the food they offer.

Two things that amazes me that I only see it at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. They offer FRIED PICKLES and also a BBQ MUSTARD SAUCE for your spare ribs BBQ.


For my blog post food feature, we dined here at their Burgos Circle branches, which is now closed and was moved to a new branch located in UP Town Center in Katipunan Ave.  (now open this August 2017)

Our visit here at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse was during our father's day dinner with my family. We have this funny moments when we went to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Burgos Circle. There was this another restaurant with the name FAT, so we entered the wrong restaurant that night and it was funny and I even mentioned to the waiter that hey we saw this restaurant at Mikey Bustos'  videos on Youtube, then they were so puzzled on what the heck Im talking about.

Me and my wife got to a point that we learned that FAT restaurant is not Fat Daddy's Smokehouse ahahaha. Our son Ashton noticed it because the logo is different and the funny fat chef dad is not present on the logol

Then we learned that Fat Daddy's Smokehouse is located across the street. So we went out of FAT and transfered to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse.


Fat Daddy's Smokehouse has 3 kinds of dining area, they have the al fresco dining, they have a small dining area at the ground floor and then at the 2nd floor they have a much spacious dining area that can fit up to 30 people.

BTW, I have a video of our dinner at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
just watch it at my vlog at


I forgot to take a photo of their menu.
But rest assured that I will post again here after my 2nd visit at their new branch in Katipunan.


My family for a father's day dinner at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. I learned that this restaurant is a popular BBQ smokehouse resto in Marikina City. Its a home grown restaurant of Marikina and now expanding to serve other cities.

I just hope that they go back to BGC.
Katipunan and Marikina is so far from my location.

So here are the food on our table:


My wife Lace ordered a brewed coffee. It was a very strong coffee, I think its a kind of kapeng barako.


Fried Pickles
The fried pickels is one of the much taste and try here at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. I haven't tried munching on a fried pickles and the only person who enjoyed eating this is me and my son.

Wow!! finally it shows in my DNA that me and my son are so in love with pickles!


Mac and cheese
PHP 150

Im surprised that they offer a very affordable price for this mac and cheese. For me its the food that is "OK na OK" sa bulsa and for me its the food that I love here in Fat Daddy's Smokehouse.


Because of the bacons hahaa


The Hot Mess
PHP 160

The Hot Mess is one helluva mess!!! but its tasty and good!


See photo below:


Fat Daddy's Smokehouse cooked all those mashed potatoes, cheese and lots of shredded pork belly meat and top with crispy hot bacons!!

I was speechless after eating this...because its too hot and too heavy in my tummy.


Smoked US pork spareribs
half - PHP 360
whole - PHP 700

If you plan to have a grand feast, then don't miss to try their Smoked US Pork spareribs. Its super soft and tasty, and Its best to dip it in a mustard sauce or a BBQ sauce. It also comes with 4 side dishes, for you to mix and match the flavors in every bite.

Order the half version if you will dine alone, and then order the whole set if you plan to eat with a 2-3 friends.


Peach Cobbler
PHP 180

To end our Dad's day dinner, here's my Peach cobbler dessert. It served on a hot pan and then top with vanilla ice cream with caramel and mint leaf.

My wife also ordered her own version, but its an Apple cobbler, we both stayed quiet while eating this, it was a perfect ending for our food fest.


Here's a group pic, when we spotted a blogger friend and also a PR friend dining in the same resto.
Great to see you all!Jeff, Jen, Alma and her partner.

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