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Monday, September 25, 2017



Dinosaurs are back to life through life size scale animatronics figures and replica based on real bones that are found by scientist around the world. The giant Dinosaurs are here to stay til March 2018 and yo can visit them at The Mind Museum in BGC for a close up encounter and see how large they are in real life.

Back in the days, the 1st animatronics Dinosaurs that I have seen are in Star City, that was the same year after Jurassic Park the movie was release in cinemas and it was the first ever moving dino figures that was brought here by animatronics expert and dino attraction operators.

Today, the dinosaur animatronics are more better, more life-like, and there's an interactive set up where the dinos starts to move with sound when a visitor approach them at the exhibit area. These are new tech set up for more educational purpose for kids and adults.

The Mind Museum is also organizing an educational tour and an activity for everyone who enters their new exhibit -- Dinosaurs Around the world: Passport to Pangea. This exhibit is the same exhibit that tours around the world and their next stop is here in the Philippines, at The Mind Museum.


Tickets to Dinosaurs Around the world: Passport to Pangea is priced at

PHP 300 - adult/ child - dino exhibit only
PHP 825 - adult / with 3 hour visit inside The Mind Museum
PHP 675 - college / with 3 hour visit inside The Mind Museum
PHP 400 - public school student/teachers - with 3 hour visit inside The Mind Museum

Call them for reservation and for big group tours - 9096463
But for walk ins - just go there and buy a ticket at the counter.

Me and my family were at the Dinosaurs Around the world: Passport to Pangea during its first weekend launch and they've organized a scavenger hunt for dino fans

I think that activity can be replicated because we learn more trivia about dinos and plus we get to enjoy the scavenger hunt game.


Here's Ashton enjoying some yummy dinosaurs cookies. This was from the buffet area that was put up by The Mind Museum for the grand opening only.

I wish that dino cookies can be sold too for other patrons on a regular schedule.

WATCH VLOG - The Blogger Kid Ashton at Dinosaurs Around the World in Mind Museum


Ashton play time with blogger kids, we were just waiting for the program to start.


More blogger kids came to our table, checking out the toys!


The program and briefing area outside The Mind Museum. They have a set up here for a small activities for kids and also an up close and personal with a life size T-Rex and Spinosaurus.


The Mind Museum resident scientist and curator are sharing some news and trivia about their exhibit. Here we learned about the do's and dont's when inside the museum. We can take pictures with the life size dinos, but we should be careful and not to touch them at the exhibit area.


Here's Ashton's ID


We are now Mesozoic Journalist. Our task is to take photos, upload them all in our Instagram and get to know more info about the dinosaurs at the exhibit area.


My wife Lace is now helping us to plot our movement around the exhibit area. We need to find at least 10 dinos around the area.


Here are some dino skeleton replica that can be found in the outdoor exhibit area.


There are also miniature skull of dinos, or maybe they are skull from tiny dinosaurs
Kids can touch it and also examine the skull of the dino.


The only thing is that the skull is glued on the table and you can't move it away to have a closer look. But its still a good learning paraphernalia about dinosaurs.


Lots of trivia signs inside the exhibit area
Here's an infographic sign on the floor to let you know how large are the foot of a dinosaur if you compare it to our tiny human feet.


Tools and items of paleontologist are also exhibited. Kids can understand why scientist need these tools.

Kids these days are so lucky to see the real equipment of scientist. Back in the old days, I only see it on books and encyclopedias.


Some activity such as Name your dinosaur.


And here's one of the stars of the exhibit- a life size scale Spinosaurus!


Im not aware of this dino and I've seen it first in the movie Jurassic Park 2.  Spinosaurus are the largest carnivore dinosaur and they are larger than a T-Rex.

Its like a fusion of a crocodile, Dimetrodon, and a bigger velociraptor body.


Also dont forget that the mighty T-Rex is also at the outdoor exhibit area of Dinosaurs Around the World: Passport to Pangea


Lace and Ash having a photo op with the T-Rex and then suddenly that T-Rex mascot photo bombed the photo op hahaha.


At the outdoor exhibit, Kids can also do some mini excavation at the sand area. They can use some tools or their hands to dig and find those dinosaur toys under the sand,


Its like a game of --finders keepers and then if you found one, then you have to bury it again so that other kids can get a chance to find the other dinos.


Ashton found a T-Rex and he showed it to his blogger kid friends. Good job kiddies!


There's a stencil activity that let kids design their own dinosaur by sketching a stencil and using the different parts of the body of the dinosaur

Here's my son Ash designed his own dino and named it as Ashsaur.  Its a T-Rex fusion with a Triceratops


Small dinosaur are also roaming around the Mind Museum. Kids can interact and also have fun playing with them.

They are people wearing dino costume and its close to accurate detail.


The dino costume has a roar sound and here's Ashton got scared at first during his first close encounter.


If you are using the day pass that lets you access the entire museum, you can also go inside the Mind Museum to visit the dinosaur exhibit area, here you can see our first full skeleton of a T-Rex


Also dino foot print replica with accurate detail on the floor


That's my foot.. LOL
daddy blogger foot vs dino foot


One of my fave here at the Mind Museum are the augmented reality projector screen. You get to interact with virtual dinos around Mind Museum and you get to see them only at the project screen with augmented reality feature.

There's also a cinema inside that you can watch a short docu about the life and end of dinosaurs on Earth.


Ashton tried to touch the nail of a T-Rex


That thing is a fossilized dinosaur poop!!!
Im glad that its fossilized already.


There's an extension exhibit of Dinosaurs Around the World. We aren't aware that there's another hall with lots of dino exhibit.  We found out after the end of the scavenger hunt.

I hope that The Mind Museum can post more signs about the extended exhibit area.

On photo: Ashton is comparing his small thumb vs. a spike thumb of a Iguanodon


Here's Ashton comparing the size of a femur bone of a sauropod dinosaur.
OMG! that's only a femur bone ha.


Amargasaurus, one of the biggest sauropod dinosaur that walked the Cretaceous period


Triceratops dinosaur

There are more dinosaur inside the hall, I wont post the other photos just to avoid the spoiler hehhe.
Just visit the exhibit and see more animatronic operated dinosaurs.


After the Dinosaur tour, we went around The Mind Museum  to visit the other exhibit. Here's the rotating space corridor inside the Space exhibit.


Take a selfie and you'll see yourself as an Astronaut floating in space!
hahaha this is a fun activity!


We're amazed with the heavenly bodies, so we stayed a lot here at the planets, stars and space exhibit area of The Mind Museum


Ha! more photo op scenes and also you get to learn about atoms and molecules at the Mind Museum.


I think we stayed there for 2 hours..
So Im grabbing this milk tea with all my heart
nakakapagod but the important thing is that my son enjoyed the dino tour and exhibit.


Thanks to The Mind Museum for bringing the exhibit - Dinosaurs Around the World: Passport to Pangea.
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