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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Travel, dengue and car insurance can be bought now at SM STORE over the counter

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I got the interest in getting my insurance when I started my own family. I didn't know at first that they are important , you know that I'm part of the YOLO generation, and I dont care about these insurance before, all I know that insurance agent will bug you to buy an insurance policy that are so expensive and you don't even know what kind of insurance is fit for you.

But the time for insurance has changed these days, the offering and access to it became more better and convenient. The insurance agent are now called financial advisers, they are more patient to you and they explain better details about the insurance policy, they wont sell you anything, but explain and let you see the big picture what will happen to you when you get injured, sick or died.

But thats the traditional way in getting an insurance, either you approach them in their office or get a financial adviser for you to acquire an insurance policy. But there are some people who are busy and dont have time to get their own insurance, especially for those who are into freelancing, the digital nomads or work at home people.

Last year, I only get my travel insurance via online shop of Pioneer Insurance, I just log on to and buy a PHP100 or PHP200 travel insurance that is good for a month, its one of the easiest and fastest way. But what about to those who dont have internet access?

Today, Pioneer Insurance launched a new way to access insurance over the counter, in just minutes you can now get the right insurance for you. They have 3 kinds of insurance that you can acquire and pay for a minimal fee to cover a short or long term policy.

And yes, you can now get one in any SM Store  business Service counter.


Pioneer Insurance in partnership with BDO Insurance Brokers, Inc (BDOI) made it for us to access insurance the most easiest way.

All we need to do is to visit any SM Store branches nationwide, then visit the business service counter and apply to any of the three insurance available

1. CPTL Insurance for vehicles
2. Dengue Insurance
3. Travel Insurance

Pay for the required minimal amount, get the form from the counter, fill it up and then submit it and claim your piece of document of insurance policy.


"This is a first in the country, and Pioneer us proud and honored to be part of the Insure ME@SM. Is there a better way to achieve our retail vision for insurance but to partner with the leader in retail who serves millions, SM and a company who find ways - BDOI"
- Pioneer Insurance President Lorenzo Chan



If you plan to travel around the Philippines or in other country, then you can buy a travel insurance as low as PHP 199 that can cover 4 days of your travel. There are also options that lets you be covered for 184 days.

The Safe Trip travel insurance can cover - medical treatment, personal accident, travel inconvenience posed by flight delays, loss of baggage, emergency flight cancellation and many more.

This is perfect for solo backpackers, frequent travelers and flyers, family trips or group travel.

Read more here about more coverages -



And here are the rate per travel duration -- foreign and domestic.
Up to PHP500,000 medical coverage can benefit a traveler for domestic, and for worldwide travelers the medical coverage can go up to PHP2.5M.



In the Philippines everyone are prone to dengue and we have no escape from this disease and anyone can be infected. But we should no longer worry because Pioneer is here to offer us a Medicash Dengue Insurance that can cover for a year with PHP10,000 medical cash assistance.

And you can acquire this at a minimal fee of PHP 350 only.

The medical cash assistance will be release after diagnosis of dengue, and people need this to recover during hospital confinement and recovery at home.

Take note that the coverage will be applied after the 15 days waiting period after application of Medicash Dengue Insurance.

If you are a Medicash Dengue Insurance client, then you acquired Dengue after the 15 days of waiting period, all you need to do is ask your Doctor to complete the form in your Medicash Coverage Summary and write their claims medical report, then take a photo of it and then send it via email to or send it via Viber to 0917-531-7213



For those who bought their new car, you can now get your CTPL insurance over the counter of SM Store. The CPTL or the Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance can be acquired ahead of your car registration with the LTO.

CPTL protects the vehicle owner from financial obligations arising from car accident, involving his registered car, that caused bodily injury or death to a Third Party. It also pays for expenses incurred (up to a max of PHP100,000) such as funeral expenses, hospital rooms, medicines, ambulance fee, medical expenses and permanent disablement benefit.

All you need to do to apply:
1. Know your registration schedule via looking at the last digit of the plate number for the month and the 2nd to the last digit for the weekly deadline.
2. Prepare these docus: - photocopy of certificate of registration, OR, duly accomplish and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report, Certificate of Emmission, Taxpayer's ID number
3. Then apply for Pioneer CPTL Insurance
4. Visit LTO and then submit all documents for evaluation.

Here are the rates:

Private car - PHP 608
Light/medium commercial vehicle - PHP 658
Heavy commercial vehicle - PHP 1,246
Motorcycle - PHP 300







You can claim this form after you have paid your PHP 350 fee over the counter of SM Store Business Service Counter.

you have to fill it up and submit the partial page and you get to keep the other half to serve as your insurance policy and for the doctor's summary report.

Take note that you should keep this and not loose this, because you will loose your insurance benefit if you dont have this insurance policy with you when you start to claim your benefit and medical cash assistance.


Thanks everyone for reading my blog post today.
I do hope you learned something new about acquiring different kinds of insurance. Thanks to Pioneer Insurance, SM Store and BDOI for the collaboration of having an easy access to 3 kinds of insurance.

I also learned that many more insurance will be available soon and offered by Pioneer Insurance, all of it can be bought over the counter to any SM Store branches nationwide.

Just wait for more and let's share this great information to all freelancers, bloggers, travelers and car owners who are looking for an easy alternative to acquire insurances.

Have a safe travel and be insured with Pioneer Insurance!
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