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Monday, May 07, 2018

Siargao trip day 1 - Cebu Pacific, Kesa Cloud 9, Aventino's Pizza, Bravo restaurant


Hey guys! I'm back in my blogging desk and welcome to my 1st ever new blog series featuring our trip to Siargao Islands. It took me two three months to finish this blog post series, and a almost 2-3 weeks recovery when I lost my voice when I was in Siargao, I think the virus in my system stayed longer during my trip and I thought that I will be okay. But through out the 4 days trip, I survived and thanks to the people around me for helping me get better.

Its my first time to travel to Siargao Islands, for my personal list, I included Siargao as one of the best travel destinations here in the Philippines, which followed after Batanes, El Nido, Coron and Bantayan Islands. There are more lots of hard to travel destinations, but for me, they are my top 5 must visit islands here in the Philippines.



One of the fastest way to travel to Siargao is ride the plane, Cebu Pacific Air just included Siargao last December 2017 as one of the new destinations and they are now expanding their flights starting March 2018, offering a direct flight from Manila to Siargao daily and started with a lowest rate will start at PHP 2,371 as their initial promo.

Cebu Pacific Air also offers connecting flights from Manila-Cebu-Siargao or Manila-Davao-Siargao. Some travelers take the other route Manila-Butuan by plane and then Butuan-Surigao City by land and Surigao City to Siargao by ferry.

But the most convenient and fast way to travel is to take the Cebu Pacific direct flight Manila-Siargao-Manila.

Our adventure starts here last January 25, 2018, we went to Manila Airport Terminal 4 and took the earliest direct flight from Manila to Siargao. During those month of January to February, Cebu Pacific is on a 2-3 direct flights per week schedule and we learned about their daily flights plan for March 2018 when we arrived at the airport. Wow! imagine, people come in and go back to Siargao in one direct plane ride.

They reminded us that the flight from Manila to Siargao is around 2hrs.


Now we're complete and ready to fly and travel with Cebu Pacific.

Take note that, if you plan to visit Siargao, make sure you pack a lot of clothes, bring your swim wear and grear, flip flops and also DRY BAG for your camera.


Travel again with my travel buddy Enzo Luna of
This is his 2nd time in Siargao and he told me that this will be his first time to explore the islands and beaches.

Glad I wore my Casey Neistat shirt that day, because I have the same shirt that Enzo's wearing haha


Awesome weather..almost clear skies, big clouds everywhere and its so sunny.
I'm sure the flight will be fast and no bumpy ride.

I think that's an ATR twin engine aircraft , that's what they call it

IMG20180125124956 IMG20180125124953IMG20180125131204  IMG20180125125009

Cebu Pacific's ATR plane look so new. I heard that they've acquire some ATR planes and I think this is the new plane, because the ceiling and aircon blower and lights are clean and new. Also it looks different from other ATR planes.


Oh hello to my seat mate!  Ms Ailene


Btw, I have shot a vlog about our trip and you can watch the entire VLOG series
here at this playlist channel --


And we are now on the air!
Smooth take off and the plane's propeller is not that loud


The most exciting part of my ride with Cebu Pacific is to try their new in flight menu. The new in flight menu was launched months ago and I haven't tried the real food on board. They say that the food taste more good when on flight, because taste buds changes when we are on high altitude.


And here's my pre-ordered food, a Chicken Caesar Croissant Sandwich. When I ordered this, I forgot to order that rainbow unicorm sandwich, I heard that it was good.

IMG20180125135546 IMG20180125135557

Here's the in flight menu of Cebu Pacific, take a closer look at the menu, you'll see that rainbow sandwich!


I dont know what Island is this....but I can see from the above the beautiful beach coves around the island.. If pwede lang pumara, ginawa ko na at mag swim muna ko dun.



After 2 hours of air travel, we arrived smoothly in Siargao Islands.
I slept the entire trip and I woke up just in time before landing in Sayak Airport, in Del Carmen, Siargao Islands.


Group photo before we leave the plane.


From Sayak Airport, we rode the van going to General Luna, a tourist center town in Siargao. The road travel via van is around 1 hour.



Before we drop by to our hotel room, we stop by here at Aventino's Pizza and Pasta for a quick snacks. Accdg to our guide: Mr Phillips Cruise, an accredited tour guide by the Department of Tourism. He said that this is one of the most popular pizza maker in Siargao.


We ordered the Tricia pizza -  a pizza with three different kind of cheese.
One whole pizza is priced at PHP 345, for the Tricia pizza.

But looking at the price range of their pizza, it is around PHP 215- PHP 345,
so affordable.


Here's the Tricia Pizza

At first, It may look so normal and not so special. That was my first comment when I saw the pizza. I just dont have the mood to try it or I dont have the good vibe to eat pizza that day. Maybe because of I was so sleepy that day and I got tired with the 2 hours air travel from Manila to Siargao

But when I took a bite of Aventino's Tricia Pizza... the flavors and taste just exploded inside my mouth and woke up a fiery spirit inside me ahhahahaa. I just can't believe that this is the most tastiest local pizza that I have tasted in my entire life. In my vlog, I mentioned that why is it that their pizza taste so good, why is that their pizza is so special.

To find our, I suggest you visit Aventino's pizza in Siargao and take a bite and let me know if you love their Tricia pizza.

Also, the Tricia pizza is not just all three cheese,  the special thing about the pizza is that it is a triple decker pizza!!!    In one slice, you get three slices already!!!


Here's another pizza from Aventino's , I didn't get to try it because I was so happy with my Tricia pizza.  My tummy is full after two slices of pizza which is equal to 6 pizza slices hahaha.


We also noticed that pet dogs near the beach are so very friendly. We know that this dog begs for food but they are so cute and behaved so well. Enzo took a photo of this dog when it begs for food, the dog placed its paws on Enzo's leg and start to ask for some pizza.

I've encountered some dogs by the beach, and they are so friendly.



Time to take a rest.
We went to Kesa Cloud 9 Resort, our home for 4 days here in Siargao Island. I heard about the Cloud 9 beach here in Siargao, but I don't have a clue what it can offer to us visitors.


Just contact them via phone if you want to book your stay at Kesa Cloud 9 Resort.
For me, this is already the best, but Im going to roam around next time to check the other hotel resort in Siargao, also look for the most affordable.

I heard that Kesa Cloud 9 Resort charges PHP1.5k per person / per day


Kesa Cloud 9 Resort is located infront of the Cloud 9 Boardwalk, it is one of the iconic landmark here in Siargao, its a boardwalk way for surfers going to the edge of the reef.


Here's our room with two beds
There's an aircon, one bathroom and water heater for your coffee


The rest room



Cloud 9 beach
One of the best spot for surfing here in Siargao, cloud 9 means that you are on the top or in heavenly feel.  That's why they call it Cloud 9 because of the perfect waves for surfing.


The Cloud 9 Boardwalk


I didn't got a chance to walk all way to end of the boardwalk. I was so tired and sleepy that day
And I need to go back to our room to have a 2 hr rest, so that we have energy before our dinner.


There are lots of mangroves and rocky ground at the beach area of Cloud 9.  That's its appearance when on low tide. They use the boardwalk for the surfers and beach goers safe path way to the edge of the reef and into to the deep water for surfing and swimming.


This is my only photo at the Cloud 9 Boardwalk. I composed this photo with the help of Enzo Luna, and I sent this photo to Casey Neistat, a film maker and popular vlogger from New York, I sent him this photo to show him that I am wearing his shirt merchandise, after a few hours he saw my tweet and got a "liked" marked on my tweet by Casey

yay!!! thanks Casey! I told him that he should visit us here in the Philippines.



Bravo Beach Resort and Restaurant is our dinner venue here in Siargao. The resto is full of foreigners dining and drinking. Our tour guide told us that this is 2nd most popular resto in Siargao according to Tripadvisor.


I felt sick that night, so I ordered a cold Calamansi juice to keep my throat comfy and beat that nasty cough.


Our friends ordered this some kind of a buritto


Me and the boys ordered this Fresh catch of the day, and we waited for almost an hour for this fish to be baked. It was worth the wait and the fish taste so good and  the buttery juices are so tasty.

I think its a Maya Maya fish.


Here's our group hug pic taken by our tour guide, Mr Phillips.


After our dinner, I didn't wasted much time and went straight to bed.. I fell asleep as soon as I entered the room. But I woke up at around 4am to charge my phone and see if my camera are all charged up.

We slept early because we need to wake up as early as 530am, to prep for our early breakfast at 6am in a nearby cafe.

So that's our day 1 here in Siargao.  Click here to read the Day 2 blog post

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