Crimson Hotel’s Café Eight offers a 13-day Kapampangan culinary feast

If you are looking for more Kapampangan flavor or explore more exotic food from the region of Pampanga, then you have to check out the food special of Crimson Hotel's Cafe Eight, they will be having a Kapampangan culinary feast for 13 days and its in partnership with their sister hotel - Quest Hotel and Conference Center-Clark, Pampanga.

The Kapampangan culinary feast will be on June 12 up to June 24, 2018 only. And you can experience a buffet meal with a rate per person of PHP 1,514 net or PHP 1,729 net and it comes with free flowing tropical drinks.

The Kapampangan culinary feast is also inline with Crimson Hotel's celebration of our Philippine Independence Day

I love exotic pinoy food! especially when it comes from Pampanga, I remember that I got to try some of their exotic food like the frog, crickets and also boiled egg of a monitor lizard, I think that egg is the most exotic food ever that I have tried and Im not sure If I'm going to try it again.

If you have friends or foreigner or tourist friends who want to try a more relaxing food setting and with offering of exotic food, then you can bring them here at Cafe Eight of Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, to try and taste our local exotic dishes from the Pampanga region.

Btw I just took a photo near Crimson Hotel, I spotted this colorful fiery tree with lots of blossoms. Really cute! and its like the sakura tree in Japan.

For the taste and try session, I was with my blogger friends Ted, Aci and Yummie

More Kapampangan food are offered at the buffet, you will enjoy their sisig, buro, adobong kamaru, okoy, kangkong salad, nilagang gulay, kalderetang kambing, camaron rebosado, ginataang suso (snails) and many more.

During the taste and try session, Crimson set up a boodle fight setting for us to try their Kapampangan culinary feast.  Im not sure if they can offer this to their diners, but feel free to ask them to set the boodle table if you want that kind of setting.

Thanks to Crimson Hotel's Chef Marley Flattley and Quest Hotel Clark's Chef Leo Mari for the awesome collaboration. Chef Leo Mari is from Pampanga, and did you know that Kapampangan cuisine is well known since the Spanish era, and in this modern age, Pampanga is considered as the culinary capital of the Philippines because most of the delicious food and delicacies are a top hit always outside Pampanga and also outside the country.

If you plan to visit Crimson Hotel Filinvest City within the date of June 12-30, 2018, then you can catch the exhibit of Dra Josephine Policar, Dra Janet de Grano, Dra. Bambi Dy, Belen Lorenzo, Ma. Silvana dela Cruz, Bing Famoso Tac-An, and Mary Ann Reyes, all are doctors and patient who are collaborating for a one big exhibit entitled: Kalayaan sa Sining, the exhibit is dedicated to all Filipino artist who freely express themselves, especially their feelings through art.

Here are the photos of the food from the buffet and boodle fight table at Cafe Eight
Thanks to Ted Claudio for taking the photos!

we call it betamax because the cubed pig's blood is like a betamax tape. Its a popular street food here in the Philippines.

One of my fave street food, grilled and burned pig's ear.

grilled and burned head of a chicken on a wooden stick

ADIDAS aka Chicken feet
ADIDAS is just a slang word for a grilled chicken feet, Pinoys really love that brand of shoes and we named it after our street food.

PAMPABATA aka Chicharon bulaklak
My neck and chest are palpitating whenever I see this glorious and oily pig's entrail

Crimson Hotel's deep fried ISAW or chicken intestines. Its good and very addicting

Saba banana wrapped with caramelized rice paper

its a kind of rice cake

One of the fave snacks of pinoys, best to eat it with BAGOONG

The best partner for the green mango and singkamas

Fresh coconut



But here in a hotel setting, we call it street food ice cream ahhaah

Locally made craft beers

Thanks for reading my blog post.

If you are in a quest for some food adventure, then I suggest you try the Kapampangan culinary feast of Crimson Hotel and Quest Hotel.