Seascape Village Bay Market - Lunch at MAZU

Seascape Village Bay Market is newly opened near Sofitel Manila and Manila Film Center, its not yet in full blast because some parts of the area are still under construction, but the restaurant and seafood market are now open to serve all foodies and people who want to buy fresh seafood.

My family are so excited to go there, so we set a plan to eat our lunch and also to celebrate our mom’s birthday. I highly recommended that we eat our lunch at Mazu restaurant, because that was the first resto that I gave a two thumbs up for serving me before some good food and seafood -- the salted egg french bean and the adobo pusit is one of the dishes I like in Mazu

Here’s the welcome set up at Seascape Village Bay Market

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Great to see that some eatery or small resto are now open

Lots of fresh catch at the wet market area, you can also buy here and ask the eatery of small resto to cook it for you. They call it “paluto”

There’s this one fresh seafood store that displays a large number of aquarium tanks filled with live marine creatures, ready for harvest.

The fountain area at Seascape Village Bay Market.
The thing that I don’t like in this area is that its too hot to stand under the heat of the sun. That’s why when we arrived, we went straight under the shaded area and went immediately inside the restaurant.

But I heard that the place glows at night because of the sunset setting and moody lights at night in Seascape Village Bay Market

I heard that there will be a hotel, shopping mall and entertainment center coming soon here at Seascape Village Bay Market.

In one of their ads they also plan to set up a flowriding sports center -- its like an indoor surfing set up.

Everyone are amazed when they saw the big red door at Mazu restaurant. There are no guards to open it for you, just go straight and pull the big door. I even joked that you should tap the metal bar before entering, doing it will bring you lucky charm haha

At around 12nn, wow!!! The entire resto is filled with lots of dining guest.
I was worried that our food orders might take so long

But I was right, our food arrived on the table after 1 ½ hour.

I know that sound so crazy.. But the resto staff said that their kitchen is so busy because of the number of guest coming in. I think that some of our order were left behind and was cooked late, because I noticed that some guest near our table got their food first, and we arrived at the resto and completed our orders before the other guests arrived.

Food arrived late..but we’re glad that the food tastes good!

Tip: If you plan to eat here don’t go on a Sunday lunch!

Spinach seafood soup
PHP 350

PHP 600 medium

I went here at Mazu for their French beans with salted egg. For me this is my fave food and I loved after I tasted for the first time during their soft opening.

PHP 550 medium

Im a bit disappointed that their adobong pusit doesn’t taste the same. I think the squid is under cooked. Hay.. I didnt get to complain right away because the food arrived in less than 2 hours and I dont want to have more delays. So I just avoided the under cooked squid meat instead.

Medium Salted Egg Golden Shrimp
PHP 720

We super enjoyed this.. Slurp all the salted egg and peel out the shell of the prawns and suck the salted egg again.

Large Singaporean Crab

PHP 1400

I haven’t tasted a SG crab before, but according to my wife their version is different.
Its like a spicy chili sweet and sour.

And our bill that day…. Tada!!!

One of the best here at Seascape is that the Big 1 Milktea store sell this 1 L of wintermelon milkte for only PHP 80

Wow! That’s the cheapest kind of milktea! And it tastes good too.

Hmm.. Mazu its nice knowing you, Im moving on, and maybe I should try another restaurant at Seascape Village, Im looking for a new favorite.

See you soon!