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Monday, November 26, 2018

Try the Truffle King Ramen at Ramen Nagi Concept Shop in One Bonifacio High Street Mall, BGC

I just saw an Instagram photo of this truffle ramen from Ramen Nagi, it was posted by Abigail of Our Awesome Planet, when I saw that photo, I posted a comment on her IG and I asked that I want that truffle ramen too, and Im excited to visit the nearest branch of Ramen Nagi, then Abigail replied and she said that the truffle ramen aka Truffle King Ramen is only available at the new concept shop of Ramen Nagi located at One Bonifacio High Street Mall in BGC, when I learned the news, I wept and waited a sched of my visit at BGC.

The Truffle King of Ramen Nagi is like the super star of ramen here in the Philippines, why ? Because truffle mushrooms are rare and expensive and its the most aromatic and flavorful ingredient for that kind of ramen, well, for truffle and ramen fans, they know what it is, there are times that my brain react so actively when I hear the word “truffle” or if ever I can smell its signature aroma.

I learned that The Truffle King of Ramen Nagi will be good til the month of December, I think I heard it right that they will be showcasing this soon in other branches, but as of the moment, you can try it for the mean time here at their Ramen Nagi in One Bonifacio High Street Mall.

There are other versions of ramen and also food that you can try here at the Ramen Nagi concept shop --- dubbed its the only concept shop in the world and we are so lucky that they chose the Philippines to spread the good taste of ramen.

I think Ramen Nagi is of the best ramen here in the Philippines, If Im going to include it in my top 5, I will place Ramen Nagi to my top 2.

Ramen Nagi Concept Shop in One Bonifacio High Street

Originally a brainchild of Japanese chef Ikuta Satoshi, Ramen Nagi finds favor among ramen fans for its steaming bowls filled with rich broth, springy noodles and quality ingredients. The award-winning ramen chain offers four variants in its menu, namely Original King (creamy umami tonkotsu broth), Red King (spicy), Black King (with squid ink), and Green King (with basil pesto)—all served with a scrumptious slab of charred pork. Aside from these four regulars, Ramen Nagi also offers two limited-edition flavors every month.

Here are some of the food that you can enjoy here at Ramen Nagi Concept Shop

1. Truffle King Ramen
Yes, those are real truffle mushroom, and not the olive oil laced truffle flavor. Its the real deal, the real truffle mushrooms, thin sliced, as toppings to your ramen.

Price is around PHP700, and this will be offered on a limited run, I do hope they can extend this til the end of the year.

I did some research, I learned that Ramen King in Manila launched this before last 2015.

2. Szechuan Ramen

3. Gyoza

4. Aurora Shrimp

5. Nagi Star Salad

6. Chicken Karaage

Ramen Nagi staff busy inside the kitchen

Dining area of Ramen Nagi in One Bonifacio High Street

Some added ingredients for your ramen or gyoza

Everyone are enjoying their ramen

Here’s my first bite and slurp of my Truffle King

My review:
Its the best ramen ever! And because Im a truffle mushroom fan, my body reacted immediately after tasting the ramen with truffle mushrooms, its so rare to try the truffle mushrooms, once you take a bite, you get to be immune right away of its aroma, the only way to taste it again is that you pause for a while, bite some hot gyoza or salad, and the slurp again the Truffle King ramen.

The Truffle King is closely the same with their signature Butao King ramen, but the difference is tha they included some toppings of truffle mushrooms and leafy vegetables.

Im not yet done with my ramen, but my seat mate - Ted and Roselle are so ready for their ice cream with shot of rhum

Here’s one of my fave here in Ramen Nagi - the Black King ramen!
Its a ramen with lots of squid ink and even the pork meat are cooked with squid ink.

Its my second ramen of the hour...I just cant let this pass..I need to eat this ramen too!

Me wearing the Ramen Nagi bib, its a paper or disposable bib, you can ask for this for FREE, when you dine in, so that your shirt won’t get some unwanted splashes of ramen soup

Black King ramen….a heavy ramen!

The new Ramen Nagi concept shop is located on the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street, 28th street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Visit and like for more information. Follow @ramennagimanila on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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