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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

I’m trying TIKTOK and joined #CreateWithLove

I’ve heard about the Tiktok app and its been going around since last year and most users are the youngsters or the youth of this digital generation. The younglings express their feelings through creativity of making a 15 seconds video and uploaded on the Tiktok app.

Tiktok creates more trendy video content which you can create from scratch or collab with some of Tiktok’s template for your video concept. Im not a fan of this app, but then I observed that many kids use this to showcase their talent, humor, feelings, want to entertain and become famous.

Since its my 1st time to try Tiktok, I joined in a Tiktok video contest during its launch event with Globe. And wow! We won the contest hahaha. We did an impromptu dance step using Tiktok’s video concept, its so easy but you just need more practice to perfect the movements.

Globe has launch a special rate for Tiktok users and Globe subscribers, you can register TIKTOK15 with 100MB for 1 day, TIKTOK50 with 600MB for 7 days and TIKTOK199 with 1GB for 30 days. They can register this special promo by texting the promo code to 8080.

This promo is good especially for Tiktok heavy users.

For the #CreateWithLove challnge,
here's the mechanics:

Similar to previous viral TikTok videos such as the Clothes Swap Challenge and Rotation Challenge, participants can get in on the next trending topic with #CreateWithLove. They just have to film themselves expressing their love for anyone or anything they’re passionate about through hand gestures, poses, or animations, and creating their own heart versions in any way possible. On the TikTop app, tap on the "Hashtags" button, type #CreateWithLove and #GlobeTikTok, and post it publicly.

The top 5 most viewed videos will win Prepaid load cards, Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid, discount vouchers from partner establishments, and TikTok premium merchandise! There will also be special awards for Globe Prepaid's Choice and Globe At Home's Patok of the Town. Contest runs from April 12 to May 3, 2019.

Globe and Tiktok also launch the - #MakeITSafePH campaign,  a Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) workshops for students to help them understand how to be safe and responsible for their online activities and has provided practical, easy-to-digest information about cyber threats to its customers.

As for Tiktok they heavily leveled up their moderation system just to take out the unwanted content that are not fit for the young eyes and this is powered by a group of human moderator that work in 20 countries, they are here to help monitor the post being uploaded at Tiktok.

Some scenes at the Globe x TIktok event
- they invited Youtubers at the event

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