Happy Birthday to me - Its time to reformat this blog once and for all


Today is July 1, 2021, its my 44th birthday and also my 18th year in blogging. As you can see that this blog turned into a PR release dump and info-tainment site for 2 years, I miss already my personalized post and article that express more of my personal thoughts and post more photos that  gives a virtual tour feel for a travel and lifestyle content.

Its hard to manage now my publishing brand - Azrael's Merryland blog because my time is occupied with lots of online publishing activities on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Instagram, Tiktok and more time making videos for my Youtube channel.

I dont want to turn this blog again as a PR dump site, maybe, Im going to transfer all PR posting in a different blog site just to accommodate all the brand and PR posting and sharing of their info.

I guess its time to bring back the energy of this blog.

Ok. lets do this again.

Happy birthday to me!