Surf promo is up in Shopee offers 21% OFF from October 14-16 + free shipping + washing machine giveaway!


Surf is one of the brand that we are using at home and Its the preferred brand by my family because of its Active Clean tech feature and fresh blooming scent. 

Whenever we get a new set of Surf, there's an itch to my feet and want to carry all my dirty laundry and go to our washing machine to start washing all of those clothes. Yeah, I wash my own clothes and Im glad I learned to use those Surf fabric condition that gives a nice fragrant scent  which gives comfort to me whenever I wear the clothes or use the blankets at night.

Check out this update from Shopee.

"Add to Cart na To get your Surf Products for up to 21% OFF from October 14-16  with freebies & vouchers up to 100PHP OFF, with free shipping! You can also get a chance to  win a FREE Washing Machine! Wais Talaga! " 

Shop here at  Unilever Home Care, Online Shop | Shopee Philippines

Here are the Surf products that you can score with discounts

Surf with Active clean tech detergent
Cherry Blossom scent

Surf fabric conditioner
Cherry Blossom Fresh

Surf fabric conditioner
Cherry Blossom Fresh

According to Surf that clothes under the dry heat can emit a fragrant scent because of the Surf Fabcon Cherry blossom fresh

So maging wais na ngayon with Surf Power Combo!

And for the wais one.. check out the fine print of Surf and Shopee for their Washing Machine Giveaway promo! click on the photo to read the details on how to join

also this promo is also posted at Surf's FB page -