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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Instagramming the big boxing match of Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 in photos, tributes and meme

For Instagram users, they can't hide their excitement and also support to both boxers.

here's an Instagram round up related to the big fight

[ @ ] rixie_vecilles I'm just #amazed how #humble #manny is. #Win or #lose. #Truly an #admirable. And jinky is as humble i really don't know why she has #haters. I guess #haters will always hate. Coz there's really nothing better for them to do but that. :) #teammanny #team #mannypaquiao!

[ @ ] aineswoot25 this is too much HAHAHAHHAHA #Pacquiao #KO #Sleep

[ @ ] purpleteacupsh #teamMarquez #mexico #marquez vs #pacquiao #philipino #KO 

[ @ ] marielangelicaa watched Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 at AFP Theater awhile ago. na-stress talaga ako sa laban #Pacquiao #Marquez #PinoyPride pa din!

[ @ ] ohshizitsfemmy Whatever happened you're still our champion #mannypacquiao Philippine pride! thanks for always representing our country PHILIPPINEEEEEESSSSSSS! #filipino #pride #philippines #manny #pacquiao #stillthechampion #always #forever #proudpinoy

[ @ ] saint318 Your still our winner! 

[ @ ] e_rod_88 Had to do a #compilation of my favorite #pacquiao #meme s lmao #pacquiaomarquez #marquezpacquiao #boxing #wwe #wwf #hashtag

[ @ ] jepoypapas People's Champ. #PacMarquez #FilipinoPride #Pinoy #Pacquiao #WeStillLoveYouPacquiao #sports

[ @ ] anboxeo "TWO CHAMPIONS PERFORMING LIKE CHAMPIONS". Regardless of the knockout, it truly was an amazing fight... SWEET SCIENCE AT ITS BEST. Respect! 

[ @ ] abbyasistio We love you, Maaannnnnnyyy!!

[ @ ] selfmathematiks I'm a Paq fan, but this shit right here is hilarious!

[ @ ] antskong Real Meaning to "Never Give Up" ? #pacmarquez LOL! 

[ @ ] theaimage #MortalKombat #FinishHim #Fatality #marquez #StreetFighter #pacquia

[ @ ] mapagcaliwangan #respect #pacquiao

[ @ ] abdulhakimasad My Hero Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao ,.,. He was the reason why I started watching boxing ,.,. @mannypacquiao no matter what happened, u'll always be the best and the GOAT in my heart ,.,. Even the best makes mistakes and loss but they come back stronger as u will  

[ @ ] jomzkiness Proud to be pinoy!

[ @ ] slimmkeys Sorry this is the last one for the night lmfao, had to photoshop this on the Ipad

[ @ ] adiadik Oh well, like what they say..."even the best fall down sometimes". still proud to be a FILIPINO!

[ @ ] ninger_z Still my hero!! I'm a proud Pac-Fan!! #halloween #boxing #pacman #pacquiao #fangirl 

[ @ ] jaocurious Manny Pacquiao, you are still the best! How many Mexicans beat Manny? JUAN! How many mexicans have been beaten by Manny? MANNY!

[ @ ] darlaromero you're still the people's champion pacman! filipinos are so proud of you! way to go manny!

[ @ ] margie02 #Pacquiao got Knocked.Out still in disbelief. You will always be my #1 boxer! Such a great fight from 2 great fighters! Getting KO is better than getting robbed! :) #GoPacman

[ @ ] engrmariano win or lose, wear them proud!

[ @ ] tonyocruz BREAKING: Another Filipino challenges Marquez; Odds say Mexican to lose in first round

[ @ ] mikaelamartinez Let's go Manny!

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