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Brigada: Adventures in Marogondon, Cavite

I was a guest and co-host for this segment of Brigada to feature Maragondon as the next travel and adventure destination near Manila. Go watch and discover what the town can offer for tourism.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

tips and info: Starbucks Reward Card is here in the Philippines!–turn your visits into rewards

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here’s my Starbucks Reward Card that I got from the launch event last night in Starbucks drive thru in BGC, it’s a magical card that can transform your Starbucks visit into a STAR reward or points when you purchase a handcrafted drink, or a 250g whole bean coffee, or a 12-pack of Starbucks VIA brew, when you complete a set of STARS like 12 stars of beverage or 10 stars of whole bean coffee or 10 stars of Starbucks VIA, each complete set of Stars will reward you a FREEBIE! – a free grande handcraft beverage, a 250g whole bean or a free 12-pack Starbucks VIA. And also..you get a free slice of Birthday cake with candle on the a birth date when you visit the store, the freebie can be redeemed  after you purchased a drink.

It’s a reward card or a loyalty card for fans and loyal customers of Starbucks.

But that's just a start of the Starbucks Reward Card here in the Philippines, and I just learned that the card is present already in other countries and other Asian regions, luckily we have it now here and I’m sure pinoy Starbucks fans are excited already, because in each Starbucks visit will be valuable now because it can award you in the end after completing a set of STARS reward. Just like the promo of Starbucks every Christmas season were you complete all the stars in order to get the Starbucks Planner for free, but this time its more different, with the Starbucks Reward Card, the entire year will be like Christmas too.

More surprises rewards coming soon! this is just a start and more offerings will be revealed soon to all card holders.

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here are some info that I learned about the Starbucks Reward Card.

1. You can get this for FREE, just preload it with a Php300 at the cashier and they will give you the loaded Starbucks Reward Card
2. Minimum load of P300 to get the card for free, then P100 for minimum load  and up to P10,000 load only
3. You can register your card account number to their website in order to protect your balance and also the birthdate is important for the registration – register it at www.starbucks.ph/card
4. Cards can be used in all Starbucks branches in our country ONLY – that’s 210 branches in the Philippines
5. Rewards can be redeemed within 60 days – it will expire after 60 days if not claimed / while STARS reward will expire in 15 months in a year of purchase.
6. More card designs coming soon – every season and every special theme designs
7. If card is lost, you can go to your registered account at Starbucks website, deactivate the card and you can transform all your Starbucks funds to a new Starbucks Reward card.
8. Starbucks funds in the card are not refundable - can't be withdrawn to cash
9. Loading up funds to card can be done via the Starbucks cashier – pay via cash, debit or credit card
10. Starbucks GC are not allowed to load in the card
11. Starbucks card can be used for purchasing all items in Starbucks
12. Instead of using your wallet, you can use your electronic money inside the card – just make sure you load it up
13. The card is good as cash, you can buy anything from it in any Starbucks branches.
14. Reloading of funds via online is not yet available – but it will be in the future
15. From Aug 7-9, 2013, if you load a Php 1500 to your card, you can get an additional Php300 reward to your card
16. Card with loads will not expire
17. If card is zero balance for straight 3 years – it will expire
18. Funds can be transferred to another account - just use the Starbucks website for transfer mechanics.
19. The more you visit, the more surprises and rewards you can get in the next coming phase
20. For more details visit www.starbucks.ph/card or http://www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines
21. This card won't give you free wifi internet in Starbucks, but i think it can pay you the P100 per hour service (depends on the internet service provider they have...usually its Globe)

Btw, there’s a launch event this afternoon

1st 100 people who brought a Starbucks receipt can get a free card with Php 300.
It should be a receipt of a purchase of Starbucks handcrafted beverage (July 31-Aug 7, 2013 )

event info: August 7, 2013 at 430PM, at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center with special performance by Rico Blanco and Zia Quizon
Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here are the first early freebies of Starbucks Reward Card

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here are some pics from the bloggers conference and launch last night
that’s my wife Lace so busy reading Good House Keeping magazine

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Just playing with the display hahahaha – good thing this was given to us after the event, so I used this display as a décor here at home hahahaa.

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
With the fake card – just a display here at the launch event

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
fun photo with Lace
thanks Jonel for the photo op

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
A little briefing about the card of Starbucks

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
one of them is… in every 12 cups you ordered can reward you with a free grande drinks

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Q and A time with the bloggers and the press

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here’s the envelope containing the card - its funny that the envelope looks like a China flag

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Opening the gate of the envelope reveals the green plastic card
they have two designs
1. Coffee and Tea
2. Coffee only

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
A reward from Starbucks for pinoys!

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Freebie listing..its like a mission for the entire year
how long can I complete a 12 star of handcrafted beverages

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Thanks Starbucks..I just wished that you launched this 10 years ago.

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
I joke on faking my birthday hahahaha.. like registering it to September, they say its okay, but it will be the registered birthday for your card forever. I told them that I will do it for a blog report, I’m so curious about the slice of birthday cake with candle.

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Front of the card

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Back of the card… yup I blurred the registration number for my own protection Smile

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
blogger friends now registering their cards online
Okay!!! see you Starbucks!!!
Thanks Starbucks Philippines for this introduction to your new reward system

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