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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Manfrotto new 190 series and Be Free tripod

The new 190 series of Manfrotto is now a big dream to own for a pro and hobby photography, the design is much more better than the old tripod and with its new feature – 90° centre column mechanism, that can adjust the tripod to vertical-horizontal setting in order for the photographer to perform limitless creativity.

I’m a Manfrotto tripod user for almost a year, when I first tried the tripod, I can say that this is the best tripod ever for photographers, because its light weight and its easy to use it.

PC079629 IMG_3172
here’s some photos of my Manfrotto tripod, I use it for my time lapse shooting and also for my son’s photography lesson.

But when I saw the Manfrotto new 190 series, the new feature wows me! and I didn’t even think that those 90 degree tripod angle will work.

I saw this during the launch of Manfrotto new 190 series and Be Free tripods. The new 190 series is the high end and new benchmark for Manfrotto with its new feature, while the Be Free tripods are the more light weight and compact tripod by Manfrotto. If my tripod is already light weight then the new Be Free could be more lighter.

Here’s the Manfrotto new 190 series using the “90° centre column mechanism”
you can use the new tripod setting for different shooting style

The new 190 series is priced at PHP 24, 290
while the Be Free tripod is priced at PHP 11, 590

new 190 series standing almost 5 feet.

Model carries the new 190 tripod

Professional photographer Ted Madamba did a live demo on how you can carry and adjust the new 190 series in just seconds.

Here’s a concept on how you can use the 90° centre column mechanism in the new 190 series







Manfrotto BeFree-page-011

It was announced that night that these are aluminum tripod body, but then they also shared that our local distributor will also sell the carbon fiber body, I’m not sure how much will it cost, but I have the feeling that the price will go beyond PHP50k for a carbon fiber body.

for more details visit Manfrotto Philippines Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ManfrottoPhilippines

Photos from the event launch

P1214404 P1214405 P1214413 P1214415 P1214421 P1214433 P1214444 P1214452 P1214468 P1214470 P1214477 P1214483 P1214485 P1011754 P1011756 P1011761 P1011764 P1011768 P1011772 P1011783 P1011789 P1011801 P1011823 P1011837 P1011844 P1011857 P1011859 P1011863 P1011866 P1011877 P1011879 P1011885 P1011888 P1011889 P1011892 P1011893 P1011897 P1011900 P1011908 P1011909 P1011911 P1011915 P1011916 P1011919 P1011921 P1011923 P1011924 P1011925 P1011927 P1011928 P1011752 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-003 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-006 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-008 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-010 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-013 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-014 Manfrotto190catalogue-page-016 Manfrotto BeFree-page-011

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