Blood more blood!

just finished watching Freddy Vs. Jason movie with Tin Tin noda!. and all i can say is..."I miss them!", and I waited for this movie since the end of the movie of Freddy's dead and Jason goes to Hell.

Lot of blood spilled everywhere..and the two bad ass can't stop fighting. till the end...who wins? take a guess?
i dont want to spoil everyone.. but the movie is great!

I fully recommend it, if you guys are into Horror and more blood shed type,and a fan of Nightmare on Elm St. or Friday 13th movies. this is one of the best horror urban legend movie.

who's next? Michael Myers and Candyman?

word of the day:
"Medicine course?, hindi compatible sa brain ko yun"

Featuring Azrael's Toy Talk
1st seen here in my blog and will be launched on the next issue of Omake Omake News Phil.

Darth Vader: "Let me out! or else, feel the power of the dark side!"
Spiderman : "spidey sense is not active!, this might be another form of Venom!"
Modok : "Hey he's not moving! I want my ticket back!!!"

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