my ToyLand

i'm half way redocorating my look like a comic-toy store. i posted some posters in the wall. and my sister said our house looks like a carnival. also i posted their pictures everywhere.aahhhahaha

behind my back is a poster of japanese pop star "Takako" former member of the girl band "SPEED". top of it is a theatrical poster of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", on the other side is a PEX Animanga Club mini poster of MECHA Festival, theres a Beerkada flyer annoucing its 3rd book launch, and poster of the MOS EISLEY NIGHTS.

also i created a mini shelves for my comic, located behind me, and near the microwave. in the stairways, still my giant toys are still in displayed, SD King Ghidrah, Trunks, Sailormoon clock, Goku, Wind up doll, Woody of Toy Story, and Super Boink, on the wall has a 3 kind of poster of DARNA, then poster of 1st Animation Convention in the Philippines, Animexplosion, New Worlds poster, art by Gary Mayoralgo, and Toy Convention poster, ive posted some poster which event i was involved.

tomorrow il bring down some of toys and action figures and will be displayed here.. toy collection will be used soon as a props for Viva Films movie.whohooo.... post it more info soon.

word of the day :
Ryan ano gusto mo, Powder or Lotion...nyahahhaah..just fool!

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