Noda day on friday!

hapi bday to Tin Tin (Noda!) Velasco
Sept. 26

me and tin are friends for almost 5 years! geez...ok ah..tumatagal din pala tayo.nyahahahha..
5 years ba? i was thinking baka 7 years na? correct me if im wrong.
kasi si jaclyn naman e..a year after yata..
(pic above is her baby pic)

we 1st met when we our younger days...payat pa kame nun.
and we are fun of comparing my small hands to her hand. that time my hands are small, like a hand of a baby.nyahhaahha.
but now my hands are more bigger and um...slimmer..nyahaha.

also. she's mad when im always forgetting her bday date. every year we argue about it...but this year...aehehae.....i didn't forget it!
that's one point for me...

and my fault for introducing to her the anime series Fushigi Yuugi, which she became a fan and addicted to Chichiri Noda!

its Noda day this Friday!
hapi bday Tin!
and maybe the Stormballs might dance for your bday party!
get get aw!!! (paging Captain Stormball Small! ehhehe...joke lang.)

Ouch it hurts! a little bit injured. my left ankle is in pain, like im in hell. painkillers are no use. man....i have to recover and i want to skate!!!

word of the day :
"Ano mas mainit Bengay or IcyHot?"

Gig plug
Sept 24
Last Full Show gig - Millenia Cafe, Kamuning
featuring :Musing of Cigarette smoking man, fish trio, etc.

Sept 25
2nd Annual On Air Awards - Street Life, Glorietta

Sept 25
Azrael live! - yup thats me..
live singing new composed songs

inside my bathroom!

Sept 26
itchyworms Buwan mtv,single cd launch - Millenia Cafe, Kamuning
free entrance!!!

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