Full Power!

damn..im stuck at home.and start to get better and im full recharge.
sorry to those who didnt reach me at home tru phone. coz im very tired and got a lot of sleep lately. and thanks for my first caller at that night. its nice to talk to you again. take care and hope everything in your relationship is a-ok.

Clone wars at last
last night it was the Philippine Premiere of Star Wars Clone Wars.
and thanks to Kazaa for giving me a change to download a copy of the animated series. i like the animation. and they combined the animation cel tradtion and some 3D special effects. and my first time to see Master YODA riding an animal during the clone wars vs the Count Dooku's droids. also Anakin showed up with his robotic arm and hell yeah! i like the action scenes on the series..R2D2 and C3P0 made a 3 seconds appearance, and Anakin marching his way to his battle pod ship and waves goodbye to kinda Anime-style looking Padme....cute ni Padme!!!!!! i like her outfit !

hail to Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm !!! cant wait to see the chapter 2 next week.

im hook on TV again
i just catch up the 1st episode of ETernity :A Chinese Ghost Story in ABS CBN, and i expect a much similar to the anime series i watched 2 years ago
and when i saw the 1st hours of the series. the story is more different t o the anime series.the anime is like a walt disney type with singing. but i like the anime, Got me attracted to this series is because of Barbie Xu of ASOS. she's cute in that costume, man..she's a goddess! talking a fanboy right now! aeehhah....i like the costume designs of the characters, special effects amd story..even though that im having some problems memorizing all the chinese names of the characters..thanks to the power of internet im getting some spoilers on the way to the series.

In other countries can make this kind of series with special effects, why is it that Phil. tv series cant do it. they can make Panday, Darna or Capt Barbel show on local tv with digital effects. or make a fantasy story. I remember my favorite local Tv series during the 80's titled "Dayuhan", starring the brother of Herbert Bautista. its about an Alien Invasion in the Philippines.

SMALLVILEE!!!! wow..i cant believe that Kristin Kreuk is good in kissing..wow...i cant take my eyes off her!@@@

Radiohead in my head
well..it seems that im stuck to Radiohead music today. i just finished downloading some RAdiohead music on the net. just to listen and learn the style of their music. coz il used it for the band that we are organizing. hey we will perform on Nov 29 in Mos Eisley nights 2..hell yeah!!!

Bozo show your self
some geezo is making some dirt in my tag board..who the hell are ya
you little coward. why dont you go and make your own blog site. and dont put some dirt in my blogsite. you are sick and low level brain fly.
dont mess my blog...fuck off....or if i found your ISP address, il destroy your motha pahking ass ! I know you you are, so stop that sick actions of yours or else you will be cursed by me! Its rabbit season dont ya know ?

word of the day:
GorillazZZZZZZZ !!!!

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