Xmas day 2
i woke up in the morning and found out that my sister went out with her barkada somehere in TayTay to party...i was left in the house for almost half a day...what i did is go online and eat some food here.. we haven't visited our relatives here...some of them are busy so me and sis decided to go where we want to... first i decide to watch a movie...since its the Manila Film Fest all films are Filipino. then thinking to go to Antipolo, just to cruise and do some of my adventures, go to Mandaluyong, visit Ariel there..., Caloocan, knocking on our Dad's cousins house, hmmm bad idea...

what i did was to go some place that is new to me. so i stayed somewhere in the southside area...(southside nga ba) and explore new place that is new to me... then i left the place at midnight. although that i dont want to go home i decided to walk somewhere in the darkness and try to grab some donuts in a nearby convenience store.

maybe i need a place where to think..and answers all these questions running aroung my brain...im glad that im not alone..an angel came and answered some of the questions thats bothering me.

i know i made a right decision. and i am a man...a real man..i already faced lots of hellish things in life, from legions of evils and countless beasts trying to block my path.to Giant mountains and deep waters.

this is me..

hold on to me love, you know i can't stay long. All i wanted to say was i love you and i'm not afraid, can you hear me? .Can you feel me in your arms? holding my last breath,safe inside myself. are all my thoughts of you. ,sweet raptured light it ends here tonight

its me and the angel adventures...,maybe this is the start of a new life for me...

issues and other ek ek
in tagalog mode.
anak ng pating naman..bakit kaya ang tao na naman at hindi na naman mahinto sa pag kakalat na naman ng maling balita at tsismis sa ibang tao.
isa na dito ay yung mga pangyayari sa buhay ko. parang nakikialam na sila a... wala akong kagalit na grupo o company sa industrya..

isa na dito yung Darna, under Mango comics and Level-Up, yung distributor ng Ragnarok.. nagtataka kasi ako at ginamit nila itong dalawa pangalan sa pagsira ng pangalan ko. ang mali nila ay...may kaibigan ako na nasa Darna comics. at ang mali nila..wala ako kakilala sa Level-up, at imposible din magkaroon ako ng galit sa dalawa company na ito. wala naman kasi ako dapat na ikagalit...taragis na yan..kung sino man yan na nagkakalat ng ganyan balita..ay pupulutin na sa hukay.

pero...ang malas nila ...kasi nakarating sa akin agad itong balita na ito.
salamat na lang dun sa tao nagbigay sa akin ng information. buti na lang at nalinaw ko agad ito ng mabuti.

Find me here!!!!
today !! im going to Pampanga with my sis and my balikbayan Uncle..actually ninong.
and we have lots of things to do the whole day....hmm...i hope everything is executed perfectly according to plan.

i was thinking in going to Hong Kong for a month and be back here in Manila on the Jan 15.
i know its a tough trip and a survival adventure for me.
but i almost forgot my trip to Bukidnon..which my contact didnt call me avout the trip.

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