they will be showing the movie of Gackt and Hyde titled "Moonchild" this Saturday in Encore Encore, event organized by Rg's WAA, entrance fee is P120, plus foods and games. also i heard that they will show Matrix Philippines and Artists Society's "THE JUAN", a matrix fan film..

oohoohoh Gackt !!! and Hyde !!! il watch it..coz i dont have a dvd player at home.
note: Gackt is the model used for the Squal character for Final Fantasy 8 game
Hyde is the model used for the Dante character for Devil may Cry game, also lead vocals for LArc en ciel




Proposing. Just kidding. I think they said something about choi'num (li'l magnum ^_~) .
Actually they're going to avenge their losses with those badass gangsta's-- poor Sho,
he's lost a lot by this point

pics from

check this link !!!
a very man love thing of Gackt and Hyde aehahhehehaeheah

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