Sci fi night
it was great this evening. after my visit to my fiance, i went directly to Via Astris Star trek club here in Manila, and just watch the latest episode of Enterprise. which gave us a big kaboom!!!! cant believe that T'pol is one of the highlights of the episode. wow! Vulcan and Humans make out ! oh great !! still we are in shock after the episode.

After the screening, the crew welcome me again. for i was absent and already missed the 2nd season of Enterprise. and the Captain talked to me and said "Az you're a trekkie again", after that...i cant believe i pointed a two thumbs up!!! heheheh...geez..wait till i say this story to my Jedi girlfriend and see whats her reaction....i have to prepare my self for the Light saber punishment.

Gear up
im gearing up for the next Events. lots of meetings to attend and lots of ideas to put in. im glad that im back to my old self and the sweet moon stage is er..need rest..i think. im just facing my PC again. do all the stuff.

Carbonara Monster's Bday

Happy Birthday to Ryan Orosco! aka Urukiel aka Prinsipe K aka DArwin
Feb 19 bday boy!

langya ka..san ka nagpunta.andito gamit mo sa bahay. hehhee.
pa beer ka naman dyan! heheheh
this guy celebrated his bday last year here at home.
and i remember that., ehhhee...and i dunno if he will do the same.
bigtime ka na dude! hall of famer pa ehheheh.

goodluck dude!
at kelan ba kasal mo?

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geez..thanks everyone for reading my post hehehehe

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