Top 10 Cartoon Nerds Ever

10.Brainy Smurf

Without Brainy in the mushroom village (hmmm, little blue men and mushrooms), who would continuously and naggingly remind the other smurfs of Papa Smurf's warnings? But alas, without Brainy, how would the other smurfs escape Gargamel and Azriel over and over and over again?

9.Professor Utonium

Take his name and the fact that he created the Powerpuff Girls by accidentally mixing Chemical X with sugar, spice, and everything nice, and there you go!

8.Bunsen and Beaker

They're named after lab equipment, for Pete's sake! Although not the only nerds on "Muppet Babies," they're the science nerds, constantly inventing and concocting.


Ah, Velma. She's not the beauty of the Dream Machine team, that's for sure, but she is the brains. She's always the first to decipher the clues and figure out who's hiding under the mask. Just make sure her glasses don't get knocked off -- without 'em she's useless!

6.Mr. Peabody

He's a dog. Named Mr. Peabody. Who talks. And has a pet boy named Sherman. And is a historian. And a time traveler. Who uses his "way back machine" to make history correct. Enough said.


He's a boy genius who loves science and computers. He has a lab in his house that rivals the labs in top research universities. He also has a tough adolescence ahead of him!


Nerds, cartoon or human, don't get much nerdier than Daria Morgendorffer. Glasses, check. Extreme intelligence, check. Misunderstood, check. Social misfit, check. Painfully dry sense of humor,

3.The Brain

His name is The Brain. Need I say more?

2.The Cast of 'The Simpsons'

A show created by nerds, for nerds, about nerds. It would be sacrilege to highlight just one, two, or even three characters with nerd-like characteristics. The list is endless. Who's your favorite "Simpsons" nerd? Martin? Lisa? Principal Skinner? Milhouse? Ned Flanders? Grimey? Comic Book Guy?

1.Professor Hubert Farnsworth

He exists in a sci-fi cartoon, invented a robot, and cloned himself. If he doesn't have nerd written all over him, I don't know who does! Got Futurama?

*thanks to Xavier Basa for the link

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