Burn out
i feel a little burn out lately. and i will not take a rest and finished what i promised for events, work, family, my self.

putik...hirap! parang sumakay ako sa bangka na walang sagwan hehehehe
pero..kaya pa din! ok..tama na ang reklamo heheh..geez..i love to complain...

Decepticons! Retreat!!!

forgot to update you guys for my last week Transformers Philippines Assembly, the turn out was great. we watch the last 4 episode of Transformers Armada, the whole Transformers versus the gigantic Unicron, while they are battling the giant robot, Optimus Prime and Megatron fight their way on what they believe, then Megatron fell inside the non-energize Unicron and digested in an instant and Unicron teleported in deep space, and then Optimus Prime float alone in space with the Matrix besides him.

then the series was followed by Transformers:Superlink or Transformer: Energon, 10 years after the battle, Energon became the primary energy for Earth and then there are no longer any conflict, until the heart of Unicron re-activates, turn out to be a kind of Quintessoon, the heart of Unicron, then finds a way to get all of the Energon on Earth to re-activate Unicron and ressurect Megatron.

Superlink is a 2D and CGi animation combine. robots are into CGi, like they are toys in animation.with a robotic movements.

While watching the series. the boys of TransFans Phils. share their own collection of Toys and in an instant we have our own shrine of Robots

visit www.tfph.cjb.net
to join and subscribe

they have a screening and gathering this Feb 29 Sunday in Brash Young Cinema, feel free to email them.

Unplugged meeting was great. nice to see all the people in the Matrix Philippines. lots of activities are planned.

also i failed to attend the Artists Den meet up, for i experienced a temporary deafness in my left ear after an accidental matter, but im okay after that i got only a headache after the accident.

Congrats to Kristin Garatchon for their exhibit in Art Center Megamall, its an Advertising students exhibit for their thesis, title of exhibit "Synergy"... also nice to see all the gang in the opening of the exhibit.

im in the papers again!
yup thats right. last saturday, i was a frontpage man in Phil Star Newspaper Kids Only magazine section, i have a photo inside and name!, while i ride Matrix's APU, thanks to Dandi Galvez for the great article for New Worlds 2.

then..watch out for the new game magazine "SEEKERS" also we have a New Worlds 2 coverage, and i have a picture there too..heheheh..
Man behind Glass House Graphics are also featured in the magazine.

They have a comic seminar on March 27-28 in Megamall Conference Hall.
for tickets visit Comic Quest in Megamall

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