Digital Bath
Thanks to Gabe for inviting us to her party last night.
and its cool and nice to meet and dance with your cute girl twin cousins...twins ba sila?

Gabe Party photo album 1

Gabe Party photo album 2

i was late that night. because of the heavy rain, and im 1 hour and a half late.I arrive almost 8:30pm. and Im glad that the party started a minute after.
Ariel, Ricky, Hec, Miao, Carl, Priss was there..and we are in one big table.

there are lot of people at the party.all of them are Gabe's family, its like a family reunion and bday party.

after the meal, Gabe invited me to a dance...and she introduced me to her friend Mark, and twin girl cousins, it was a hell of a dance floor. we rocked the whole night. I was little careful, coz my broken ankle just healed, and after the straight one hour dance, me and the others left the party.


While inside Reitch mobile, we got the idea to go to The Last Full Show gig in Gasoline Alley, its me, Ricky and Reitch Jam up at the Gasoline Alley, just in time to watch Sugar Free, Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man and Quail Quartet, Mikah's new band after Fish Trio, jazzy music with Saxophone.

after the gig we ended hanging out inside Mcdonalds St. Francis Square, there we tested its 24 hour service..problem is...The Airconditioning is BAD !

problem 1: my right leg is some how....injured...i dunno why.
problem 2:i failed to go to Gackt Day
problem 3:no more money left in my pocket
problem 4: my body aches !!! im so tired.

but its one happy night !!

Az How I Cook part 2
hello Food fans!
welcome to my cooking show!

Ingredients are:
Cheeze powder
Light Saber
Screw driver
taste buds
Led Zeppelin Mp3

Star Wars Jedi Training

This game will attempt to make a worthy Jedi Knight out of you.
The force is strong within you and you have been selected to train under Jedi Master Yoda himself. Will you master the art of the Jedi? Will you learn to hit things while blinfolded and various other party tricks?
Only you, the player, can answer that...

Download The Game size:2.3 mb date:5/9/01

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