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Thursday, January 29, 2004


they will be showing the movie of Gackt and Hyde titled "Moonchild" this Saturday in Encore Encore, event organized by Rg's WAA, entrance fee is P120, plus foods and games. also i heard that they will show Matrix Philippines and Artists Society's "THE JUAN", a matrix fan film..

oohoohoh Gackt !!! and Hyde !!! il watch it..coz i dont have a dvd player at home.
note: Gackt is the model used for the Squal character for Final Fantasy 8 game
Hyde is the model used for the Dante character for Devil may Cry game, also lead vocals for LArc en ciel




Proposing. Just kidding. I think they said something about choi'num (li'l magnum ^_~) .
Actually they're going to avenge their losses with those badass gangsta's-- poor Sho,
he's lost a lot by this point

pics from

check this link !!!
a very man love thing of Gackt and Hyde aehahhehehaeheah

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Late Isabel


Dear Special People~

After going through the migraine and the magic carpet ride of recording and producing the album--independently--THE LATE ISABEL's "DOLL'S HEAD" has finally made it out of the chaotic cavern of the creative womb and shall be released from the sanitarium a few nights from now.

We are finally launching our first album!!!

So, in the tradition of Lestat de Lioncourt, i'm bidding your precious presence to please come to our ALBUM LAUNCH on the 31st of JANUARY 2004, SATURDAY. It will be at SANCTUM UNMASCT, Intramuros: Chamber 9, Muralla Street, PUERTA ISABEL 2.

The night will be sprinkled by the spiderdust of THE LATE ISABEL... in Sight and Sound:

1. THE LATE ISABEL "LIVE" PERFORMANCE featuring cuts from "Doll's Head" the album

2. "POLYSACCHARIDE" Photo Exhibit. black and white photographs by WAWI NAVARROZA. old works which fit hand-in-glove to Isabel's taste; the translation of the band's sound into images

3. "DOLL'S HEAD" MUSIC VIDEO. single and album title visualized into music video. inspired by "Polysaccharide" and filme noire. shot in Marikina at midnight. indie production executed by a team of independent young filmmakers (Genghis Jimenez, Director; Ike Avellana, DOP; Julo Quinto, Editor).

4. THE LATE ISABEL LIMITED EDITION "DOLL'S HEAD" ALBUM copies will be sold at a discounted price of P100 only! (exclusive for the album launch)

1. DEAD FLOWERS BLOOM (members mostly from Five Wounds to Enter)

Wawi's outfit lovingly designed and donated by KATE TORRALBA.



All of you, in one kind or cruel way or another, have painted a brushstroke in the canvas of my life.
So why don't you paint some more crafty impastos at the night of the launch? JUST BY BEING THERE.
It's something i personally look forward to: Our music cascading to the drumbeat of your tom-tom hearts...

Please pass the word around to your friends and foes so we can all share in the merriment.
In celebration of the Kaleidoscope Girl's debut... In the schizophrenia of the Girl Living in the Songs...
She who has nine lives and a thousand faces... She who is THE LATE ISABEL.


Like sleep sugar, so rest upon my chest

the Juan, a Matrix fan film by pinoy fans Matrix Philippines and Artists' Society will be shown WEdnesday night in Millenia Cafe at the Production gig of The Last Full Show. we will also attend the event in full Matrix outfit. and will sell the Juan videos for only P50.

download The Juan movie poster wallpaper here

no more gimiks!
yes yes yes..and no more gimiks for me for the coming days, i know i miss the night out gimiks. but my fiancee will not approve my night out times, so i decided to quit it or if we go out together it will be much more better. same thing to her.....oh boy....good boy na talga si Az!
sorry girls !! di na ko pwede e. ehehhe...

Cooking Master Az
naiingit kasi ako nung nalaman ko na nag luto ng Spagettini si mommy sa Chicago, kasi its her er,,bday..(hulaan ba naman yung age!) so i decided to cook at home.paguwi ko galing sa work at sa pag visit ko sa fiancee ko kanina..haehhe..luto kaagad ako ng ang sarap!!! yum yum !!! Chunky Garden Style Tomato,Garlic and Onions style Spagettini Az' favorite !!! bday ko alam ko na kung paano magluto..have to avoid making Spagetti with sabaw aehaehaheh....ibang klase kasi ako magluto dati..
tapos noon. yung flame sa stove namin nagcontact sa frying pan ko with oil...then after that nag backdraft ng apoy 2 feet up in the air from the frying pan...freaky !! kala ko nasunog na ko nun...buti na lang di nasunog yung mukha ko ahhaeh..wala lang..kwento lang...medyo genki lang ako ngayon e..

new blog update soon
my blog will come out a new layout and design for all ye reading and viewing pleasures ahhah... and also a new member will post here in my blog. its seems a tag team blog...try ko lang.

site updates
Artists' Den Deviant Art -
Star Wars Philippines -
Komikero -

all of them are ol sites are not yet updated !
dapat ma update ko na sila lahat !!!! nahihiya na ko.ako na lang yung late sa update !!!

Photo Captioning

27 Live Action Weta Workshop Produced Designs For EVANGELION
-- Commence Drooling!
Hey folks, Harry here... Ok, which theater in Austin does this open at... I'm getting in line now. WOW.
Harry, I thought you might be interested in these twenty eight designs that Richard Taylor and crew have come up with in their work on the upcoming live-action Evangelion movie. They’re all screen grabs from an Evangelion DVD extra which interviews Taylor and Ben Wootten about their ideas for the upcoming feature.

I’ve very much liked Weta’s ability to convey weight and mass in their designs and in the finished product on the screen, so I’m very much excited. As for the apparent Anglicization of some character names, I’ll reserve judgement until I see the final product.


(from a news website that Neurowing forwarded to me..)

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

cold again...
its cold here in Pasig...and every morning...i can feel super cold and sick, im glad that im taking this hot chocolate,thanks to the carbonara monster...

whats new? er...
i got lot of ideas coming out of my head lately.and i think im very active again..ahehhe..time to organize some events!!!

been involve on some activities like the Amazing twins party..i havent arrange a meeting for this.for i will help these fans get their venue.
and then the much awaited comic tour in UST. il be going to have a meeting with the UST CFAD Dean, for he awaits my visit to their campus last year.
and some music projects still going hot !!

happy bday to my mom !
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