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Saturday, March 20, 2004

look at very blog active today.
im handling some things that for the first time that it happens to me.
im glad that my other sister is helping me to get go with the flow.
hope i see ya this sat.

il be submitting my final sound effect for the animation project. hope they approved it. and for i will finish it this saturday.hour before i submit it. hehhe..thats me. got lots of weird problems came earlier and gimiks na lang palagi.

Me, Lyndon and Ariel, visits Lico's Dad wake in Sta.Mesa. and its funny coz it seems that it turns out to be a ordinary Artists'Den Meet Up. im glad that Lico is in great shape, and im happy to see he reads comic strip just to make him relax. all the funny stuff just went on during that night...from Aswang to Michael JAckson being a AStroboy to Passion of the Christ group mailing list to Ghost photo captures.

Ariel, Lyndon, Lico (topic:what if Michael Jackson is Astroboy?)

Lyndon on coffee

Lyndon on coffe again...(is that your fifth coffe)(just kidding!)

Thats a not good mood after finding out a news after a phone call
and on the other pic. Lico's new character style for a comic strip.

Az Techie!
check it turning out to be a techie.
yup thats been dreaming for being a techie, (who loves technology) i cant believe im trying to update my self on the latest scrooge of gadgets and tech items. Got a portable Cd player in my bag, Digicam, cellphone, electronic games to electric can opener. wow...i feel great when these stuff is in hands always!!!

cant wait our Zambales trip ! so its on to our Joran Geektensen the final plug for the date of our trip.

also il be going lots of out of town trips this month and next month. so im gearing up and getting ready for the summer trip.

geeez...i might need a lot of load in order to go to these places.

oh man..still dreaming of that Boracay and Bohol trip.

Animated without Permission
well...its the first time i plug this animation project of mine.

Animated without Permission

its a animated short series, made by me. and it will deliver you total entertaiment than the regular comic you read! (just kidding)

and i know this will be the most controversial of all.
than the rumored Culture Crash Soundtrack, One Night in Purgatory movie and that Beerkada SOng, ......(and GCL-Great Comic Lico movie)

i made this for my regular exercise in editing.
te hehehehehe...
hope ya enjoy it ...

and said its..COMING SOON !!!
maybe il launch a deadline and a premiere date!

and i hope il compile it and show it all in the upcoming June 2004 Toy Convention in Megatrade Hall, with the rest of the Fan Films

New CEllphone number
heya my phone is now online!
and i have my new cellphone number
if you want my number just email me at jeazrael at yahoo dot com

Friday, March 19, 2004

Soul Searching @ D' Last Full Show
no i am not soul searching or watever..its one of the song of Urban Dub.
I was there with my geek friends..ahahah.sorry to say it.but we are geek warriors, who love rock music. in Millenia Cafe, for the Last Full Show gig. and the line up is so hot.and the whole cafe is on sitting on the floor room only, meaning..the Cafe is full!. I rocked with Joon, Ricky and Ava.

Before that I with Ariel and Jo,having a dinner meeting in Megamall. and then I met up with my sister and her F4 group to take pictures inside a photo studio.

got lot of pics today here are the pics from last night event.

Me with Vanness Wu fans

Joon ready for battle!

Ricky! have to go home early, dame pa work bukas

Chino:"Joon,pag sumigay ang ng hubad., mag hubad ka ha!"

Itchyworms ! , Joon on Bass !

Urban Dub, ohh!!! Soul Searching!! Soul Searching !!

Sandwich, (Marc Abaya tease the crowd with a Incubus intro)

Ricky and Joon

Ava and Az ! (no we are not drunk!)

Ava, on sideline, selling Xfiles pins!

Twisted Halo

free name yet for a Glam Rock band

Uwian na!!! dito muntik na ko masagasaan.

o man! i have a deadline on saturday. and i cant believe im here partying around..oh my! oh My!! ehhhehe..well..that what i call a review for a upcoming exams.

21 to 20 stars
one star fell off.
i discovered last night the problem. but the only solution for it is to understand it.that night im very calm and do what i do is to accept it.
its very hard to make it on the finish line. even that i already started the race. oh damn..why this thing happened again. but still im not running out of hope. im hoping for that finish line. and if everything screws up ...someone might get hurt and it will travel me back in time and i dont want that to happen again. being the bad az again for that time. i hate it.coz i almost killed someone.

word of the day:
If your Food tastes bad, means that theres something wrong with you.

**One line message**
Condolence to Lico, his dad passed away last night.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Trapped and Tummy Full
been working my shell again. and im busy for the last 2 sound effects im going to submit on saturday. coz its another deadline coming for me on the saturday.and after that its screening time for the animation project. heard it is almost complete. also im sked to screen one of my editors project. hehehe. time to raise the number cards in grading the film.

me, lyndon and ryan the carbonara monster went out for a meeting and its funny that it took us number of months to meet and then we went to this Mc Cafe in Greenbelt. and after the long talks. we didnt notice that it was closing time. and all the doors in McDonalds are all closed. we asked assistance to let us out.. but the crew are busy and they dont even hear us. we ran into a panic coz we are imitating some scenes in Resident Evil and Fatal Frame,some horror game we talk about that time.

then we used the McCafe exit by jumpin out of the fence.

and then on the way home. we caught this TV series shooting in El Pueblo, i think it was the 'It Might Be You' series starring John Lyod and the hot chick Bea. me and the carbonara monster took some time watching the shooting, and then we hurry up in some mini convenience store to buy drinks.

Heaven's Drive
ride on Heaven's Drive.
Jmusic is flowing again in veins as i watch all clips that my sis downloaded. tnx Joisu! long live Jmusic! and Jrock
been missing lots of action, now im reviving it again

Smell of Events!
got some emails lately and i smell events.
this coming Summer and in the mid year. we will be organizing 5 Comic related events and its really we got involved in the Justice League Powerzone event. and sounds like a Mall Tour to me.
now is my time to get in shape for i got events this end of the month.

busy Boy !
busy Az!

and hey....i got a new nickname!

someone calls me A-Z (ey-zi)
as in letters.....coz they dont know how to read my name.
hehhehehe. tnx to Sheng the Aibon look a like for creating that name for me. its cool for having a other name. for other people i dont know.
cool !!!

im busy again
and i have to talk to mom about my Goals and Priorities
for they are releasing some news about me in USA
and my relatives are a little bit happy about that.

oh man!
my blog is on fire again!

thanks to all my readers!
i love you all!
thanks for the support! i needed that!

blogging out!
Az - 6am / March 18
Pasig Time

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lights! Camera! Transaction!
come on , come all
into Nineteen-eigthy four
yeah three, two, one
lights! camera! transaction!

Its me back on the Rurouni thing again. or shall i say Az the Wanderer.
been thinking so much, and have to release all these stuff out of my head. thanks to my friends around me...and then went to the doctor to consult and check up. and after that, it was great. feeling more better.
thanks to Ariel for the time and coffee talk meeting.and the Manox, Paul,Rachele.

Marooned last night
i came late last night in Millenia Cafe for the Marooned gig, and i went there late and in time to catch the last band Squid99, there i hang out with the Purplechickens, Paul and Rachele. lots of old skul talkies and some stories about the human hair.

hey paul! hey paul !

me and Rachele, after the hair raising story of Paul
heya look it! im losing weight...i can see my adams apple woohoho!

Azrael's Believe it or not
i went to the house of Rachele and i was amazed for the classic style set up of their house in Pasig. and its a great walk through, she said that their house was used during the 80's for the Lovingly Yours Helen tv drama series.

she calls it the "Hobbit Door"
its a different door knob style. and its in the middle of the giant door.
the door is heavy. still she cant explain why the door knob is in the middle.
also on the picture. im still thinking whats that white orb floating in the middle

this is my favorite attraction. never seen a chair assembled in this style.
the chair is almost i think more than a 100 years old. and Rachele's said its a "love seat", coz during the old time. when courting, the guy and the girl will seat here facing and only the hands are allowed to touch.
oh glad that i was born in the modern age.

Mikko baby of the week!

i love to advertise this..coz i love this kid!
Mikko, Jaclyn Ting Lim's cute nephew is the baby of the week for Mom's world. Mikko! il try to visit ya after the Komikero meet up this sunday !

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Photo stuff!
this is a photo coverage by Ariel Atienza during one of our Artists' Den meet up and also Camy's bday!! whoho.. i was surprised that Ariel used his guerilla tactics to take photo.. i dont even know that he's taking pictures...astig!

and we learn one lesson that night........."next time...bring candles!"

Electric Pt.3
new developments are coming your way.
and have to recharge once again for the upcoming gig. out for the upcoming Comic Seminar in Megamall on March 27-28 for im teaming up with Camy for hosting the event and it will be my first time to team up with her...astig camy !

the webcam is now working.
more webcam stuff will be posted again hehheh
also digital pics will be uploaded soon!

event coverage will be much more better!

tnx to my new reader Natascha for visiting my site.
she's from Hamburg ! site spreading!

im a little bit unfocus right now. for something that has not yet finished.damn i hate that when it happend. now im taking some stuff not seriously and a little bit seriously.. major damage is happening again.

now that the election is gearing up for a vacation in the mountains. you know that i hate politics

i got plans the last time for shutting this site for good. but some friends block my way for doing it. thanks for giving advice about that.shutting down one thing is not the solution to the problem.
i should have to shutdown the problem,.not the website

Tech one

ehheee cousin Anne...your the model hahaha
wohoho...this is fun
im testing the cam in Megamall., we bought a new USB card, coz my old USB is out of we got a new one.for the Cam and my PC is back 90%.

my sim will be online soon! give me 3-days for the activation process for my new last! it took me half a year to have a new phone and 4 years to have a phone that doesnt come from my wallet. tnx momsie-dadsie.

tnx for the new toy!

term plan
il be meeting up once again with my High School Barkada as soon as my phone get activated. and bringing back old memories will be fun. damn for the 8 of us barkada, 2 of them are married and 4 are still missing.
buzz out!
Sonny Del Rosario
Remar Flores
Noel Solomon
Jaime De Guzman
Armando Dela Cruz
Enriquez (forgot yer name sir!)
Raul your name will appear whenever you search it in the Net.

long term plan..hehheh
hmm...its the big "M" and about the Golden Ring of Ball and Chain.
hope everything is a little bit worried about this.
and hope this will be the last....

my other last smile during the Mos Eisley Night 3

unknown injury
i got this injury again....
my lip is wounded again...oh damn..maybe its just my braces again..

Monday, March 15, 2004

I Feel better now!
super better!
better than far

damn....i went to this party with my sis....ehehe
Kai Weasley ! we meet again! hahahah...yan pala ang bagong gimik mo ha! ehhehhe
nahuli mo ko uli !
di ka pa nag uupdate ! hehehehe.....OHANA !!!!
astig ! tnx ha!

now now now!
ano ba gimik ngayon!

putang ina!
some goof ball are planting seeds and making some story about me!
and it results a major damage to my honey moon stage
youre no Jesus!
youre no fucking Elvis!
youre no answer!
step down !

also...after all the painful head aches lately...
i truly accepted the fact!

im glad the fallen angel is here with me
Rock on dude !

hey i cooked PASTA...and hehheh...i ran out of LPG and i used my ricecooker to cooked it
wow....what a result !!!!!
yum yum!

tnx to Tin G. for the testimonial
hahhhae...100 percent pure entertainment pala ako ! cool !

my blogging habit is back again..
tnx to INCUBUS

i like to give thanks to my DOCTOR
for calling me last friday....tnx Doc
il jvisit your clinic again on tues for my check up

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