Electric Pt.3
new developments are coming your way.
and have to recharge once again for the upcoming gig.
geez...watch out for the upcoming Comic Seminar in Megamall on March 27-28 for im teaming up with Camy for hosting the event and it will be my first time to team up with her...astig camy !

the webcam is now working.
more webcam stuff will be posted again hehheh
also digital pics will be uploaded soon!

event coverage will be much more better!

tnx to my new reader Natascha for visiting my site.
she's from Hamburg ! cool...my site spreading!

im a little bit unfocus right now. for something that has not yet finished.damn i hate that when it happend. now im taking some stuff not seriously and a little bit seriously.. major damage is happening again.

now that the election is coming.im gearing up for a vacation in the mountains. you know that i hate politics

i got plans the last time for shutting this site for good. but some friends block my way for doing it. thanks for giving advice about that.shutting down one thing is not the solution to the problem.
i should have to shutdown the problem,.not the website

Tech one

ehheee cousin Anne...your the model hahaha
wohoho...this is fun
im testing the cam in Megamall., we bought a new USB card, coz my old USB is out of order.so we got a new one.for the Cam and Printer.now my PC is back 90%.

my sim will be online soon! give me 3-days for the activation process for my new phone..at last! it took me half a year to have a new phone and 4 years to have a phone that doesnt come from my wallet. tnx momsie-dadsie.

tnx for the new toy!

term plan
il be meeting up once again with my High School Barkada as soon as my phone get activated. and bringing back old memories will be fun. damn for the 8 of us barkada, 2 of them are married and 4 are still missing.
buzz out!
Sonny Del Rosario
Remar Flores
Noel Solomon
Jaime De Guzman
Armando Dela Cruz
Enriquez (forgot yer name sir!)

ehehehhe...now your name will appear whenever you search it in the Net.

long term plan..hehheh
hmm...its the big "M" and about the Golden Ring of Ball and Chain.
hope everything is ok.im a little bit worried about this.
and hope this will be the last....

my other last smile during the Mos Eisley Night 3

unknown injury
i got this injury again....
my lip is wounded again...oh damn..maybe its just my braces again..

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