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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Smells like Funk
its a busy month for me on the leg for the upcoming TOYCON 2004 and also in some band gigs, events and group actvities. and also waiting for the go signal for my teaching gig, im so excited to do this, hope it doesn't conflict my daily gimiks hehhehhe

The only stop i make is only at home and to some meetings, im burning my ass right now sitting in my PC and doing all stuff for the TOYCON, layouting booth designs, convention area design, and the program, I made the event program and hope that fans and visitors will be happy for the turn out of the event, i think this is might be the biggest event for a convention this year, and it already full filled half of my convention dream. oh geez..looks on the San Diego Comic Con.

Its me and my head director meeting all of the sponsors and the big boss of all boss hahaha, I enjoy travelling and meeting new people and staring to some unfamiliar ceiling, it helps me become so creative on some stuff,
as for now i settle down some matters that is not so important for the moment.

Im glad that I still have time to attend on some other events. well..thats my life, going to events! and i love it! meeting new people and girlfriends (aha!), still single and im happy to be the ONE!

still have lots of pending dates and I already pass my movie dates. oh man! I haven't watch Harry Potter 3 and DAy After Tomorrow, still im stuck here watching vcd and others DVD players, LEts get Retarded!

Whats on TOYCON
well..for now i will release it first here for the activities in TOYCON on june 27 in megamall.

Komikero will have a preview of the Philippine Komik Art Museum, and im surprise to know that from Gerry Alanguilan and a great way to present and give knowledge to all of us pinoys the importance to remember and recognize the birth and start of pinoy comics.

Father of Comics, Tony Velasquez' Kenkoy awarding will held in TOYCON, geez.. i was informed by my director about this, and im happy that they chose TOYCON for the venue of their awarding and new book of Kenkoy launching.

Level UP Games, distributor of Ragnarok, will present to the audience the Ragnarok NAtional Champions that will compete in other countries, and also the Ganes Master of Ragnarok will do their first appearance in public. watch out! ragnarokers!

Bankee Trading will also launched the Batman HUSH toyline,and still im gearing up for other new toys to be launched by this company.hope they still have the prototype of action figures.

One or two Pro comic artist might do a comic demo on stage, one already agrees to do it and still im waiting for a reply from the other artist. i made this activity to let know other people that we pinoy have great talents and some of the great comic titles they read are made by our fellow pinoy artist.

Star Wars Philippines will be there, and they will exhibit some of their treasured stuff, from giant life size action figures to master replicas of props, this is a prelude campaign for the upcoming New Worlds 3 next year, and i do hope next TOYCON all New Worlds will be there!..damn..we really need a bigger venue.

Artists' Den will be there, all members selling their comics, doing some sketches to fans and having their indie appearance once more. still im thinking if ever il use the name Artists' Den.also i heard Beerkada shirt will be launched.

TransFormers Philippines, my new domain! hheheh, will conduct a Transforming Demo to all newbies and fans on stage, they will conduct a demo on how to transform your favorite TransFormers toys, also will feature two hot new toys from TF:Energon. also will do talk on how to handle your toy collection the TFPH way!

Airbrush Art Demo will be done on stage, and one of the top airbrush artist will do it, Arthur, one of my favorite artists will conduct a demo and also their group will sells some discounted priced airbursh shirts.

MAtrix Philippines will have their own gig, The Last Flight of the Osiris sword battle will have a new set and the 1st public showing of the award winning fan film "THE JUAN", will show the complete director's cut.

Have you heard of the STORMBALLS?
well..just wait and see what they look like, still im on negotations to the commander of all stormballs, I already got a positive reply and still will get in touch to other stormballs dancer! ahahahahah

im thinking an idea inviting them. why?
coz im impress on their new gimik on their new single, they dress up as a superhero, and they do their sexy dance and song..oh man! hope i booked them at the TOYCON! it will be a blast! still a pending invitation...

Mini Moni Philippines, Jak-en-pyon!
one of the cutest teen japanese pop group has now their Pinoy version.
will do sing and dance of their popular songs, and its in japanese, wearing their cute outfits and all i can say you will think of Cakes and color pink. they have 2 sets of performance, thanks to their manager Ronald "Tsunku" Guanzon of We Are Anime.

Band Performance, im still looking for other bands that can play at our event, coz my friend who has a band is not available on that date, but we already made plans on how they will perform, I already contacted one indie band and im waiting for their reply, also the indie band Copper Pop Thrill already volunteered to perform. and er..some one requested The Late Isabel..well..lets.see ..

7 Shots of Wisdon, hip hop band who made the theme song for Ragnarok's War of Empirium will do a 5 hip hop performance, i already saw these group performed and i saw a great response to all RO fans, (thats Ragnarok Online)

Oh baby! baby! Yao ding ni and prodcut launching
yup..its an all out event, with out F4, my sister group, F4-Phils and F4-International will launch their fan published F4 photobook, and they are accepting International and local orders. also on their booth Only Jerry group will sell some hot items of F4 imported from Hong Kong.

Siklab Magazine will launch their Sequential Comic ARt Magazine
and will introduce their magazine,. think of localizing Heavy Metal Magazine, and do their promo girls promoting their mag. wow..thats nice!

Mini Games, we have them for all ages, Level Up and Scholastic will hold every hour mini games on stage. also Scholastic's Mascot will do some break dancing for kids :) for Cosplay, judges will be Wilson Tortosa a PRO Comic artist, Matto Garcia a PRO costume maker and fashion designer, and Tim Yap, still im waiting for his reply for my invitation, im still looking for another judge.

Cosplay Contest and Customized Action Figure Contest is one of the primary competition of TOYCON. also 1st Ragnarok Action Figure Contest will commence at the event! for rules of the contest just visit our website

more than 50 Booth Exhibitors, toy sellers and collectors, hobbyist and fans, guests on TOYCON!

man! i should be dubbing this as the local San Diego Comic Con.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Harry Potter event
May 29- June 6, 2004
Shangri La Mall

Congratulation to Bates Liscensing, Bankee, Scholastic, and Hogwarts Philippines for the success of your event


TransFormers Philippines Anniversary celebration


June 06, 2004

1:00 pm
The meet up starts and heavy pour of rain washed the entire Metro, and our brave TFPH members travel their way against the storm "Frank".
the storm didnt have a chance to stop the 2nd year anniversary of TFPH.

Members started watching the TransFormers fan film feature titled "Redemption". a CGI based animation created by fans, also after that episode 12 of the TransFormers Super-Link was shown.and then later on TransFormers Energon Eps.1 Cartoon Network version.


everyone is talking and sharing some stuff,. showing their own collections and TF toys! Rainier showed his TF:energon Omega Supreme, while Joe didnt let lose after he showed his classic TF:gen 1 Omega Supreme., OJ has his ever loved Unicron, while the others have their own stuff showed after the review of the Omega Supreme figure. TJ showed his elementary Super Robot Daiturn pencil case that can transform from pencil case into hot shot Robot with metallic sword! geez.thats a deadly weapon, I can't believe that they inserted that into a elementary pencil case.


Daiturn robo pencil case
OJ with his Unicron
Joe with his Gen 1 Omega Supreme
Cris DeathConvoy review the toys
Rainier transform his TF:Energon Omega Supreme

Pre-Toycon meeting started.
and the Toycon event will be the biggest TFPH exposure ever.
featuring activities at the event like : Transforming Demo at the stage, presenting Unicron and Omega Supreme to all audience and collectors.

During the pre-toycon meeting, my famous speech started as being the new head for TFPH, i love to say this as a great Supreme Chancellor ala Palpatine "On my first act I wil create a grand army for the republic, this will defend us against the Separatist"

kulang na lang may mag imitate kay Mace Windu! (opps! wrong fandom!)

also booth design and some TFPH merchandise designs were presented to all members.

It was Music time when we dig Joe's Mp3 collection and later found out that we all have the same music preferences, we listen to trash,death music and metal music like Carcas, Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath,
while Alvin and TJ (a newbie) talks about toys and other TF stuff.

On the next meet up, Joe might show and play his electric guitar, also I'l bring my guitar and my bandmate TJ will also bring his violin,
expect a TF jamming soon !
is this a cameo appearance for the 1st TransFormers Rock Band?
ala Animetal noh?

We are playing Black Sabbath!

after all the discussion of the future plans for the group.
TFPH wraps up and closed the session for a great day out!
and me and some friends headed back to Hogwarts Philippines in Shangri La.

thanks to everyone who brought foods and drinks
and we expect a full jam pack on the next meet

watch out this month for another Meet up

thanks to Joe for the venue.
OJ for the Unicron hip hop song
TJ for the dance presentation
Cris for the food !
Alvin for the Tuna meal !!!
Rainier for the Omega Supreme and er..ikaw pala yung old customer ko sa 1st hobby shop ko way back 1997!
Dan for the funny sleeps at the Bus

did i miss someone?
well i thank you all TFPH members online and offline for making our group ROCK !!!

peace, love, rock and roll out !!
-Azrael Esquire (Aztigamus Convoy) Deasis Coladilla
TransFormers Philippines head honcho
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