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Friday, June 18, 2004

Two Trick Pony

HAve you read the latest newspaper?
I almost cried out when this newspaper nearly ran out. i'm glad a friend got a copy from the MRT. oh..P1 Million reward for the capture of Spider-man.

oh man!!
im so super busy for the Toy Convention. and im all out of the house lately..attending some meetings..

got lots of nice stories to tell

the time i went to the Graphic Expo
the time i went to makati to meet maui

and met a nice girl online, who fells in love to my guitar.

whats next ??!!!
meeting with the school uniform! so excited to see her in uniform!

Az in Graphic Expo 9th Ed.

I learned that EPSON is the son of printer model EP001
thats why it is called EP Son's

Night out VA style

me, ryan, lyndon, penny, gigi and the almighty Capt. Paolo

waheheh. i bought a Do Re Mi anime folder! for only P20 in 7-11

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Breaking the Habit

Me and my sister's barkada went to the Linkin Park Meteora World Tour in CCP Grounds, and after the concert i meet my buddies, Ariel, Ava and friend, Jac, Wan Wan and Elmer.

will post the pics and concert reviews tomorrow

thanks to Ariel Atienza for the added photos

Date me!
hmm..what happened lately..
hmm...think ...think..
i got it...
this is what happened to me..having a temporary amnesia hehhehhe

me and Maui meet again after 2 yrs of no contact. now she's looking for a job and i didnt know that she graduated last April. .cool!
and we meet in Glorieta, do some talkies.and some stuff all about us. then the award for that a great you know what !

Today me and Monica will watch the Last Full Show in Big Sky Mind,my friend will play there with his! wanna see him harass again the bass guitar! see ya Joon!

and the morning my best girlie friend Tin Tin, we will meet in galeria and then il take her to Eastwood City to fix some business and then after that must meet with Maui in Mcdo Recto, just to give the Battle Royale movie.

geez...merryland is very fat and healthy!

also im hoping that me and Monica will attend the exhibit on Thursday for the 9th Graphic Asia Expo 2004 in Phil.Trade Center.

mhm....use the force Az..!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Az in Wonderland

I will watch DAy After Tomorrow tonight in Mega
im a big fan of chaotic and apocalyptic genre of movies
like Blade Runner, Akira, Mad Max, Invasion from Mars, Independence Day

Az in HK
will go to Hong Kong on August 1-4 for the HK Comic Con, and thanks for my sponsor for my airplane ticket. geez..this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. behave :)
hope this one push through!
fingas are crossed!

have to fix my passport for this..
and have to earn my pocket money !

Girl Action
my blood runs like roaring thunder!

forgot i have a date tomorrow before i watch linkin park

and hey..i was surprised that my friendster friends found me and she said.. if i remember her ? coz i met her 4 years ago..
then...i noticed her name sticks to my brain...and found out that this girl is the girl who have a crush on me 4 years ago...and that time.she is in grade 6, i met her in Holy Spirit Fairview during our Campus Tour, and i am surprised to see her in picture that she's a pretty lady now!

oh man!!!! this is great !

Merryland is very healthy!!!

during our Cafe talks last last friday night

its Me, RG, ARiel and Lyndon

click on the image to read all comic strip

another comic strip that exposes our inside jokes and thanks to lyndon for sending hundreds of copies of his comic strip.

comic strip by: Lyndon "the immortalizer" Gregorio

Good Morning Shadaloo

Been busy for awhile and having a great break during my weekends. still im in TOYCON mode, and yet still having a really smooth naugthyness saturday and it makes me younger and younger everything im in bed mode! glad that i have the time to do that. especially during the rainy season.. great time..great weather for some sweet loving.

i just watched a Martin Nievera live in Podium, i went there after i failed to watch Makiling Ensemble in Shangri La. then i meet Marc Cerbo in Mega, and we strolled and brainstorm some ideas for the next event..and the turn out is great! out TOYCON 2004

now i have a mysterious txter in the house !!!
her name is Irene, 18 yrs old..and i dont even know her!
it creeps me...she's stalking me! and i dont know whats her intention.

Az vs. Robber
I was worried in one of my friend who just posted her encounter to a knife wielding pschotic person in a jeep, and tnx to another friend who informed me about our friends situation, im glad that she's a little minute i heard the news. i nearly panicked and freak out inside their home. im glad that she's im wishing to be a superhero and look out for her everyday.

It was weird..and i didnt even know when it happened to her. but to my calculation, that night on the same date, i was nearly robbed in the darkest area, and quiet place in the middle of Marikina.

I was walking along the stretch of Rainbow st. going to my cousin's place, when i lost my mind in walking to a dark street and didnt notice a guy walks in front of me and then, grab me at the back and ask what was the time.

Im glad that i got good reflexes and SPIDER SENSE, that i know its a set up for asking my watch, so when i smelled his dirty deeds, i walk away to him and stared him and doing a little ala TEKKEN pose, i think the robber got my message that i will fight him!, then i told the guy what's his problem, and then he asked for the time, but my eyes still locked on him and then i told him the time, but i didnt look in my watch.

then when he moves toward me, a backdown an inch and prepare for an evening battle, but when he sense that im a fighter, he backs out and then change a question ,"bukas pa ba yung florings st.", and then i said "malay ko?", then the suspicious robber walks away and then i noticed that maybe i look like a rich kid, coz im wearing a formal attire..
taragis..mukha nga ako gangsta !

Every Little Thing
I was informed earlier on what has happend on the Jmusic community here in the Philippines, (thats Japanese Music community), i feel bad for them, coz the community is breaking apart and groups and other groups are fighting each other.

all i can see the problems is they have very poor management and not so cooperative on each side, hope they end this issue and hey! the jmusic pop culture does not belong to them. and not officially ! it belongs to everyone.

whats the problem? band gigs???? i can give them band gigs if they want!
and another problem ? MONEY?? this is a big problem, i cant believe that people are fighting because of money, well all people do that. always be blinded by money. hope they arrange this and hell yeah! i wont even interfere on their problems.

its better to stay quiet and let them finished what they started.

also im no manager of one of those jrock bands., they are my friends and barkada, and still people eyed on them for some reason, hope they lay hands off of them. damn...i hate those kids who got this kinder mentality.

for the Anime Community !!
she's not my GIRLFRIEND ! you know her ! and hope everyone is clear about that. now im worried about her. my cute friend who was with me during my event exploration, and cant believe people started to make new issues about me.. im glad its new,and a good one :)

Pink Festival
June 15- 22 SM Megamall Cinema

its a gay and lesbian film festival in the Philippines

also I will watch on some lesbian films with my bisexual gurl-lets on saturday, man...i love these girls when their with me :)

yes !!! yes !!!
will watch Linkin Park on Tuesday !!!

whohooh !!!

breaking my habit !!
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