unbalanced beam

I'm standing at the edge of this cliff and there's no way I can go back coz there are hungry wolves on the other waiting for me and wants me to be their dinner.

The hungry wolves approach one by one near me, I dont know what should I do at the 1st place. But the only way is to jump to that cliff just to avoid the wolves.

I decided to jump to that cliff, but luckily I have hold myself a tree below from the edge but still I'm in danger. The fall will kill me instantly. but climbing up will end me my life too, the wolves look down below and waits me to climp up.

I'm trapped again, like an insect stuck in a spider web, waiting for death to come.

There's this another tree branch on the other side. my hand can reach it and climb up on the other side of the cliff far away from the wolves.

But I decided to let go one of my hand.
Let my self hanging there motionless.

Thinking....thinking really hard for this situation.
If I let go and fall to a long instant end.
or climb up and face my quick painful end.

I'm trapped and can't get out.
I want to balance this thing.
its like a relationship..
one false move and your a goner.

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