Sleeps with Butterfly

I didnt sleep all day even that i'm still sick, but I keep my self busy for the whole day just not to make my body weak, did a lot of house chores and washed all my mountain of dirty clothes using our newly built 10-year old (or more than) washing machine.

its a Labadami Labango theme song for me at 1pm-5pm and then clean the house, mop the floor, swept the dust and clean all the dirty areas of the house, and hmm..i cooked dinner for us and TV, download stuff in the net, I was chatting with my 16-yr old brother and giving some photoshop tips, I'm goin to send him a Photoshop CS installer soon.

and now...still sick.and I missed all the fun and trip for this day.
and here are some of the gimiks I missed. and hay......It was pure fun and adventure,. too bad that I'm still singing in the rain rain go away come again another day, keeps the doctor away..blah blah.

Avilon Zoo

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I was invited by my sis to come with her and friends to Avilon Zoo, its the most talked about Zoo here in Luzon,and its the biggest and largest zoo in our country(i think) with a total of 1,000 different kinds of species. and too bad I'm super sick and didnt have the chance to see the Montalban land full of Animals.

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It was a 2 hour tour and walk inside the zoo, and for only P200 you can see and touch the animals face to face. too bad that the lions and tigers are in cage hehhehe.. and check it out..they have Cheetah..oh...i love to see this big cats ( as I looked to my sister's digital images sniff..snifff) I marked my day..I have to stay healthy and prepare soon to visit Avilon Zoo.

check out the website of Avilon ZOO

Komikero Laguna Heritage Tour

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Gerry Alanguilan of Komikero, organized a special educational field trip in some parts of Laguna, surfing the different lakes of Laguna, nature wonders and famous historical land site, I was surprised to see the beauty of Laguna, and I know its a big province, but there's this thing that attracts me always and always telling me to return.I dont know why..

after the tour, Gerry did some drawing activity with the Komikero members..and again..too bad I'm sick again...

(reading txt message from my cellphone...Komikero will join the 4th Toycon..hooray!) Jac txted me and told me why Im absent, I just txted her to say congrats on their wonderful adventure and told her Im sick...

damn...i hate to stay at home ....alone...

check out their nature tour pics here

Revenge of Mos Eisley Night

oh...another event I missed..and the 1st time I'm absent to a Star Wars Philippines event...and they have fun last friday at the Hard Rock Cafe. Gary Mayoralgo did a really nice piece on that Darth Vader and the trooper backdrop for the photo op.

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and check out! Cathy as Slave Leia, winner of the New Worlds Episode 3 cosplay contest,

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and also Darth Vader chooses again his 2nd partner at the Mos Eisley Night Dating game ahhhaah..

and again..I was sick that time..

and check out their pics here (photos by GABE)

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