Toys for the Sith boys

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Embrace the sith !

I went to Jollibee fast food after my classes and then tried to check out the new fast food toy Star Wars,

and heres' the photo of the toy
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Vader is in my hand!

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Holy Sith! it glows!

This is the best toy for the Ep3 Series of Jollibee, coz when you pull out the pen under Vader's platform, the light saber will lit red and its a real juicy for all toy collectors.

too bad that they didnt included General Grievous, coz its a good toy line if they put a series of toys with light sabers. too bad the the pitch for General Grievous didnt make it, I think they just approved C3PO, Obi wan, Yoda and Darth Vader here in the Philippines to be released.

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here's a General Grievous prototype design I saw from a friend designs.

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Sony Ericsson Ep3 promo

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buy a phone and get this limited Ep3 phone bag

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Gohlico said…
Ang cool ng Darth Vader toy ng Jollibee!
Teejay said…
Heheheh yun pala ang comments! lol... Holy Sith! ganda ng mga toyz mo!! Hehehehe...