Casino boy

(i will post the photos later at home)

We spend the night with my uncle, auntie with my mom and sis, we went to Heritage Hotel just to visit them and they invited us to have dinner. but the evening was very different..

it was dark..wet..rainy...and crazy!!!!!!!!

yes! We had fun inside Music 21 KTV, it was my 1st time to use the videoke. it was a long hour ride for us singing all the songs that we like. from modern-classic and funny songs of local and foreign. we got lots of food. aww.. i missed that Chicharong Bulaklak. for me..its like a suicide.

After that, we went to Casino Filipino, and boy oh boy oh boy! its my first time again to enter this world of adults. its kinda boring, people in there are all adults and no teens like me. I like to stay at the Lounge Bar coz we met a singer there named Maggii, who has a great singing talent and the wonderful thing is that its her sideline coz shes only a nursing student. whoa!

I dont have yet the idea of the Casino, coz back then at the Manila Polo Club, i got lots of chips and I dont know how to Black Jack and some of those cards with dice. I think I threw those chips away after having my disappointment coz I dont know how to play.

Volcano Island by Atronic Ind. (very easy play and I want to have one at home)

we went down below and we played Slot Machines!, yes,,, very familiar game, coz I got some in my PC. so my auntie inserted P500 bill in the machine and then I got the credit total of Php500, the minimum bet is P1 and the max bet is P9, so we place my bet at P9 so that theres a big chance in winning, betting of P9 to a 9 entries slots.

almost the end...I lost......... bye P500 bill.

then my aunt played this kind of slots called Inca Sun. and after that.she won!
lots of tokens and later on we exchanged it to real money. 4 canister of tokens was already worth of P2500. oh wow!! I;m getting used to it..

Now I think Im addicted hahahaha..i want to play more..

I remember that we played the Star Wars Sabacc card game, I was so addicted to that.
I think I love playing games that has prizes, and love to win and have this excitement and thrill if Im going to lose or win.

Another Gaiman article
The members of Artists'Den is here in the photo showing their numbered stubs. and also on the far right., the every Holy Saint Mark Cerbo, who organized with the group to line up in Gateway at 4am, check his blog here for some of his gaiman adventure.

At Gaiman’s last book signing in Gateway Mall on Monday, the line wound down three floors -- from Fully Booked at the 3rd floor down and out to Aurora Blvd. Gaiman finished with the last person well past 10 p.m.
He is no rock star, he said, yet he found "a sort of Beatle-mania early in the morning" for him. Every move, every word he made was met by wild cheering. In his blog he wrote that Filipinos are so noisy when they are happy, they can make the Brazilians look tame and reserved. "You people," he said to the crowd at Rockwell, "make more noise than even the Brazilians," after which the applause got more thunderous and the people louder.

Fans show off their numbers as they wait (left). Author Neil Gaiman added his fingerprints to a page he just signed (right). -- Photos by Jonathan Cellona

Read more here Business World Weekender

I got this link from Ariel, saw it at Mark's blog tagboard

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Heffer Wolfe said…
"its kinda boring, people in there are all adults and no teens like me."

hoooos... "twenteens" kamo. :D

Nga pala, I got that link from Ryan (yung nakasama namin sa pila).
ah kay ryan mo pala nakuha.tnx ha...buti nasabi mo agad.

at hmm twenteens ehhe..sympre...

pero ok lang yun..di lang ako naka relate sa casino sa start.

sana makasama ko si lace dun ahahha..gagastos kame dun at sana manalo.
MC said…
Ang tanda nyo na... actually ako rin matanda na rin... napapagkamalan lang na fresh grad from college. :D
naks..talaga na broadcast na napagkakamalan ka na fresh grad

after 10 years of college ba?


kidding lang
MC said…
Akala nga Robin fresh grad ako... Ain't that sweet? :D
ahhahhh fresh grad huh..
ya sweet like tamarind hahhah
Heffer Wolfe said…
actually the best part lang sa casino yung slot machines. pero nakakasawa din dahil mas marami ka pang magagastos kesa sa mapapanalo.