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I was wrong about the event and by attending it, all my questions were answered. the event was FUN ! I was with Marc "the barbarian" Cerbo, we talked about this online that we attend and check it out. we went there at 8pm and the gate was open at 4pm, so we were there in a perfect time coz Mojofly was about to start to perform live.

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also they got lots of cool and hi tech stuff, I was amazed to see the Jansport booth featuring their new bags, shoe line and that cool laptop jansport bag.wow!
also MSI displays some stuff like the wireless internet router and the walking cinema, its a portable DVD player. lots of tech stuff was on display and demo, also cars, internet subcriptions.

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while we watch the band Mojofly, me and Mark went amok using our digicams as we shoot everything that we see and spot the nice shot for our own fun. and also they got this electronic raffle and I dragged us down there to submit and complete the stampped passport ticket to all booth attendees so that we can join the raffle.

and as my calculations are correct, few people will participate and theres a big chance of winning that - prizes are - walking cinema, wireless routers, and some gift packs and etc.

after Mojofly, MYMP played last and after that the exciting part was announcing the wnners of the electonic raffle..

and vavavooom !!!

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my name came too early for the walking cinema,
so I won the Linksys Wireless internet router.
and I'm so happy when I got home !
its a perfect match for my laptop and soon plan of DSL connection,.

thanks 3G and to the organizers

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Anonymous said…
wow congratulations with the prize!

as napoleon dynamite would go

tnx habits!

im such a lucky bastard again hahhaha
Sephiroth said…
you're one lucky bastard XD

i really wished that time premited me that time to join you and maybe i could have won the walking camera :P