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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Toy Fest 2005
organized by the Kidz Station

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Its a kids dream to have a one place that has full of toys and for us adults who like toys we call it a heaven.

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I went to the 2nd day of the event and I was welcome by this big Superman Standee near the entrance, and once I got in the aircon breeze flows to my face, it was cold and everybody was busy playing around and touring with their kids. Familiar faces came in to me and greeted me for my arrival some of them are from toy clubs and people from Bates, who has a liscensing rights for DC comics, the event has lots of toy module exhibits, workshops, game booths and video game area.

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Mark C. and Mark S with Az, 3 rappers from Transformers Ph.

I tried the video game Fantastic Four and I nearly finished it I just got bored and let other people play the game.
coz I like to play that Return of the Sith game. Marc Cerbo and the Transformers Philippines were there for their booth module, Ricky Tinio also exhibited his Marvel vs. DC action figures diorama, series of Batmobiles collection of Oliver Kuy, Mechapinoy's Gundam exhibit and DC PH series of exhibit styles of die cast cars.

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I like the Hot Wheels tournament, I spend my time watching the racing of these small cars, and also I like the photo ops! hahahaha.. if you have kids you can let them play and have a photo of all booth activities. there's this game booth from the JLA convention, Batman glide, Superman weightlifting and then from Playkit the had a Spiderman web shooting villains gallery, gaming booth also you can try that Tekken 5 wearing the device in all parts of your body, each movement you make the video character will react the same move you make. cool huh!

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Gundam contest (which I really missed and forgot to sign up) paint and line contest, they will give a free gundam to take home for free, just finished the model kit and paint it and submit it for the contest, after that you can have the Gundam kit for free...wohooh... I'm glad that they already have section for adults to join. coz last time 6-12 years old are only allowed to build the kit, it was sponsored by Bankee Trading and Mecha Pinoy.

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hmmm.. Superman Returns

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Mark Cerbo uses his head to escape the valley of geeks

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aray!,,,,, my back!

and from Mark's camera

Azrael plays Fantastic Four

Now concentrates in finishing the game...

Azrael humpin' the display. ;D

Deadlock & Azrael with the TF toys in exihibit


visit my yahoo photo toyfest album here, just click the link dude!

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Aztig reloaded

I' m starting to draw again ahehhehe.. and I did this cartoon i think last month.
I was so depressed that time and this is the only idea that came into my mind.
and just finished coloring it last night while I'm waiting for my girlfriend to call me on my cellphone.

I think I'll be creating a series of Aztig, also this piece is now published in Funny Page Comic section.

I'm still thinking some new ideas and new style that is best for me.
hmm..I smell comic strips!


Man, my animation lecture starts here! thanks again to Diane and her class, and Prof. Pineda and Antonio for inviting me doing this lecture last July. that got the attention my Math Prof. and hosted the animation seminar for the Math Department and IAS week. and now! I'm scheduled to do another lecture this 2nd semester.
from classroom to AVR and now in FEU UCC (University Conference Center), and my 3rd lecture is now organized by the Math Physics Dept., Mass Comm Dept. and IAS.

at my 3rd seminar, film makers from the Mass Comm dept. will feat. some short films that they had during their thesis. And for the 3rd lap of my seminar I'm already thinking of new topics about animation. I already showed them the history and different kinds of animation. maybe this time there will be hands on tutorials and a one min. animation on the spot project.


my latest certficate. and err..maybe tomorrow I'll be signing the 60 plus certificate of attendance for students.

Monday, October 03, 2005

For Sale : Himura Kenshin plush doll

brand new!
made in japan

for inquiries you can email me at
or txt me at 09275340309 or 09223598857

Pasta Party
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Smile...coz its pasta time!

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Mommy Lace cooks really good for Daddy Az

Last saturday at the Llnora's residence we had started a pasta party and thanks to Lace's Mom, Tita Sally for approving my idea to cook pasta on that day, It was also the Graduation day of Lace, but she's to tired and got lazy to attend the graduation rites in PICC, so she decided to stay home and rest. And then off I go to Cavite again to visit her and celebrate her graduation day even that she didnt attend it.

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the food of the gods!

It was a heavenly day for the both us, we cooked pasta together and then her friend Mariel arrived to visit and part with us. and The Long wait is over! I just ate my first ever pasta with Lace. It was fun, we cut lots of onions and garlic, hotdogs,.
And I just saw some secret recipe of Suzaku Pasta con Merrylandia Spagetta.

also a little bit nervous to cook it infront of Lace's mom ahahaha

At her home its always a food fest, her mom always cook and treat me different cook style of banana, there's boiled banana and sweeted banana. Yesterday I missed the Banana Q, coz her mom thought that I'll arrive yesterday so she cooked some.

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It was fun that day coz it videoke time!
last last week I stayed overnight in Cavite and we got our first late night videoke night with Lace and Liza. While watching the Hurrican Rita coverage in CNN, we just decided to take a singing contest, and then Liza started the ceremony singing a Sarah Geronimo anthem hahhah, also her auntie, Yeyey, joined the fun and we got tired and sleepy after 1am, and we just saw some japanese adult flick in cable at late midnight. geeez...these stuff still existed in late night cable TV.

and hooray guys!
my injured and wounded hand is already cured!
as baby Anya says "sooogat!"

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wahahaha..nahiya kasi nakapambahay!

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yup we are bored! haahahaah (inside DLSU)

then the following Sunday morning, we geared up and went to DLSU with Liza, to accompany her to take the College entrance examination, we gave her tips and advice on taking the exam, then Mariel rode with us inside the CRV going back to Manila, then she went to her school project gig.When Liza got inside the room, me and Lace decided to wait form 8am to 12nn inside the DLSU conserv, we got bored and sleepy,while waiting, we chatted and she draw lots of naughty stuff in my notebook hahaha... I really miss her more whenever I see her drawing in my notepad.

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Lace and Liza, the sister food monsters

Then after the entrance exam, Liza and Lace got into a food festy again, treating us in Maxim Tea House. ite pretty weird coz they changed their name from Maxim Tea House to MXT. we stuffed our tummy again then we watch Liza do her electronic piano the yamaha move practice in SM Bacoor.

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Food monsters are happy

then after going to back home, Tita Sally again offered the Banana and I ate it. also Chomporado too. its a super food fest for the weekend for us..

also last night I tasted the super yummy Beef Adobo..
cooked by her! I feel heavenly.and started to eat...real food!
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