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Thursday, October 20, 2005

the homo superiors are back !

click each photo to enlarge
thats Storm, Wolverine, Prof. X and Magneto

this is exciting!
X-Men 3 will be next year!
this is the very first on the set photos for the X-men 3 movie.

thanks to HNR for publishing the information
you can view the news here

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hallelujah Kryptonian!

Superman Returns is here! and at last a teaser movie trailer is now available for downloads.

Teaser poster for Superman Returns

Director Bryan Singer inside the craft during a test scene shot.
and mind you people! that's Superman space craft !

I already uploaded a low version of the movie teaser trailer
you can download and watch the low res video here

or if you want to watch the hi res version

Monday, October 17, 2005

After Star Wars Philippines turned Hard Rock Cafe into a Mos Eisley Catinna and Coruscant bar.
now Pinoy Harry Potter transformed the Cafe into Hogwarts! hohhohohoohoh

another fun filled rock and costume for all Harry Potter fans!

all you need is to wear any Harry Potter costume to enter the event for free
hmmm...I might get a black robe, then bring my broom stick or
dress up wearing a brown painted Pampers weilding a mace and act like a cave troll.

also this event might be a prelude for a one big event for the opening of Harry Potter movie 4 Goblet of Fire.

All Hallows Eve Ball at the Hard
Rock Cafe
School for Witches and Wizards

Dear Student of Magic,

Hard Rock Café Makati, Mellow Touch 94.7FM and Pinoy Harry Potter (Hogwarts
Philippines) cordially invite you to the "All Hallows Eve Ball at the Hard
Rock School for Witches and Wizards". Fly your brooms or apparate at the
Hard Rock Café Makati at Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, on Saturday, 29
October 2005, 6pm.

Attendees are encouraged to wear their best witch or wizard costume. Please
refrain from wearing gory, messy, or indecent costumes. The organizers have
the right to refuse entry to people who will violate these rules. Entrance
to the event is free for all who will come in costume, otherwise, HRC is
charging a Php400 cover charge (with free drink).

Registration for the Costume Contest will start at 6pm. The best witch or
wizard costume will win a cash prize of Php10,000. Parents are reminded
that children below 12 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian during
the Costume Contest Registration and Presentation proper.

Other equipment:
Create and wear the most creative wizard hat you can think of to go with
your witch or wizard attire! A special prize will be given to the Most
Creative Wizard Hat the judges will see that night!

Other activities:
Pinoy Harry Potter will be sponsoring Sorting and other fun activities. The
event will also feature the performances of The Late Isabel and Soulid Band.

Andy Maluche ART SHOW

one good guy from the industry invited me and it is open to everyone, Andy Maluche's art show.
his photo art are found in the pages of some pop culture magazine like PULP and he wrote articles for newspaper and magazine. He is a one cool artist-foreigner.

I got lost and stumble to his website 2 years ago and then become a fan of his photo art
and then after that last year we meet in a rock event in Manila Polo Club, we talk and we shoot photos of our selves. its like war of the digicam

too bad that my camera's battery depleted and Andy continues to shoot with a shocking attack style and later on published it in his website

read below his invitation :
Hey, After 5 successive photography exhibitions it's time again to show another side of me. Naawww, don't worry I am not going to expose any indecent body parts of mine again. But I would like to cordially invite you to my newest show: Painterly Paintings by Andy Maluche Friday October 21. at the Basement Salon, Powerplant Rockwell. Cocktails sponsored by Jack Daniel's and snacks by Davines at 7 pm Bring your friends

and after I read that Jack Daniel word.. i smiled!
coz it boooze time! hohohoh.... Im praying that I wish I can attend this.

DarkBulb exhibit

visit Nelz Yumul art exhibit in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta on Oct 24
I might attend this exhibit and maybe my last event to show up to people
will be supporting his exhibit and check it out we might become office mate soon ahahahha

there will be freebies to all GJ coffee buyers just check out the promo purchase
and live band performances at the start of 8pm

read the image poster for the details on whats cooking for Nelz' Exhibit
If you remember Nelz art was one of the honorable mention award for the Neil Gaiman art contest picked by Neil Gaiman himself.

Image hosted by

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm having my own vacation somewhere outside Luzon, and hoping to be back this coming weekday, and will relax my mind and soul ouside Manila just to let the time pass and forget everything and search my real friends. I know that i'm lost again and I really hated to go back to Manila,and I really want this thing to pass.

Its good thing that the food in here are yummy, its like a fiesta. I just want to let that incident last friday to pass, hakuna Matata for me.. and more tesla coil on top of mount pinatubo for my monument, a symbol of my anger and wrath.. (ooopps...what's that again?)

I maybe back in circulation before November 1. and I'll be back to visit the graves of our relatives and back to Manila, after that I'll prepare for the opening of the new term.

Semester is nearly ends and I encounter the hardest things that I divide myself to do some things, so what I did is to quit. and let myself focus on one part. I quit everything and promise myself not to back again.

I really learned my lessons here.

it was right.. and I fucking wrong.

so here I am facing new challenges
reformating for the preparation of a new age.

and thanks to all for I have worked with
thanks for all the respect and in believing me.

my part is already finished.. you all continue the rest

i know its a dream
a big dream, i know all of you won't let me down.

for some reasons that i know that the part of the dream had turned into a nightmare
i know nobody is perfect.

take a step forward then
i end up right back where i started from
back where i belong
away from reality

this dream is never ending
i want to wake up from this dream
i can't help my mental state
i play hard but i never can in
just dont look back and keep on fighting

i feel so empty right now
nothing to inspire me but some how
i keep on dreamin away
hopeing i will wake up soon some day

i used to be a happy guy but not today
don't try and tell me i will be ok
there's nothing i can do to wake up from this dream
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