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Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm out of town

for vacation.

I'm here at my gf's place and will be staying for a week

and I'm starting to look for a job for this coming term
in order to pay my tuition fees :( phooeyyy!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

the entry below came from Acid's multiply blog, and it is a very horrifying story and experience
hope everyone will be warned on the email-nappings. I encountered this already and got lucky to survived the attacked... luckily..I recovered my email password after 24 hours.

My Yahoo Mail last year is a fave attack and now my Gmail account is the target of these hackers.

just remember,, never open a weblink from a unknown YM user
or if someone sent you a weblink offline, dont open it and ask the sender what's the url for?

Phished, Hacked and Attacked

week, I got an innocent-looking offline YM message from a contact of mine–someone who doesn’t usually send me links. Stupid me, I clicked on it, and was sent to a blank page. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Probably a mistake, I thought. Packed up my stuff, went home.

At home, upon checking my GMAIL addy, I found a message saying I had successfully changed my Yahoomail password. Whaaat??? I frantically opened my YahooMail page (which is set to always be logged in, here at home) and tried to change my password. It would not work without my current password, at which point I tried to ask for my own password.

Yahoo has this inscrutable, complicated process in which you confirm your identity first before being able to: change your password, ask for a replacement password, delete your account, or even just send email to customer care. This is all great for security yeah… EXCEPT I HAD JUST GOTTEN MY EMAIL ADDRESS HIJACKED so pardon me if I felt ill will towards the red tape.

My registration details did not match what they had on record. Meaning, whatever got control of my email account password, also got into my registration details and probably changed them. Meaning, my email to customer care telling them that I had lost control of my email account, DID NOT GET THROUGH to an actual human being. Meaning, goodbye email addy of 8 years.

So I spent most of that sleepless night exporting member lists of my multiple mailing lists, and transferring ownerships of those lists to different members, to ensure that the hacking would not include deletion of my yahoogroups.

Unfortunately i did not have the time to delete my address book or emails. Meaning, someone or something out there may have access to your email address. And may use my old email address in order to phish for your account details.

So please, disregard any email coming from And especially disregard any YM message coming from acid42. Delete that account from your YM contacts list please!

My primary email is now acid42[at]GMAIL[dot]com. And my YM ID is now lionel_valdellon.

+ + +

Things I’ve learned from my research.

1. It is dangerous to click on links from within YahooMessenger.
Even if it’s from people you know. Always ask where any link they give you leads. If you must follow a link, then copy the URL and post to your browser window.

2. Phishers target YM to send malware.

The attack starts with an IM message from a user’s buddy list. The message directs the users to a site where they log in and reveal their Yahoo identity and password. The phisher then gains access to all of the users personal ID stored as part of the individual’s Yahoo account.

3. It is dangerous to keep your email account ALWAYS LOGGED IN.
The hacking code probably got my password from my browser cache, since I am always logged in here at home. NOT ANYMORE!

4. Keeping a password on your clipboard isn’t safe if you BROWSE THE WEB.
While some advocate copy-pasting your username and password from an existing text file or blog entry online, apparently there are ways to find out what’s on your windows clipboard. Solution: …….. I’m not really sure. Maybe copy-paste your details and then copy something else immediately after? Would that work? Maybe. I dunno for sure.

Monday, October 24, 2005

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PATRY!!! spider sense tingling that there will be a party this coming weekend.
Oktoberfest is coming to end,,..
Halloween parties everywhere..
i smell vacation and holidays

from Fudge's EIC Annie Alejo.

Hi all!
The latest issue of FUDGE magazine hits the stands this week.
Featuring BAMBOO on the cover with a free Bamboo poster and a free VCD with from Warner Music Philippines.
Features include:
  • Yap Smear -- Fudge takes a stab at Tim Yap, our generation's most controversial social icon
  • When Gimmicks Turn Lethal -- Death in discos and other horrible stories
  • E Street Revelry -- Confessions of Former Druggies
  • Pony Presents HALE -- the fashion of kick ass shoes
  • Exclusive interviews with the Foo Fighters, and The Shield's Michael Chiklis
  • Orange and Lemons, Mojofly and Itchyworms
  • Gerry Alanguilan's serialized graphic novel Humanis Rex #7
  • Zipping, Speed Dating and Backstage at the MTV Pilipinas 2005, reviews, freebies and many more

Hope you can check it out!

"The Empire StrikeX Back:
A Halloween Disco Bowling and Billiards Costume

emailed by: Geek Goddess

"Its a TRAP ! "

Paeng's Eastwood Bowl is presenting "The Empire StrikeX Back: A
Halloween Disco Bowling and Billiards Costume Party" on Sunday, 30
October 2005, starting at 5pm.

Star Wars Philippines members will be there in costume to support the
event, as well as participate in the fun bowling and billiards
tournaments (Imperials vs Rebels bowling tourney, anyone?). One of
our members will also be presenting some Star Wars-inspired magic
tricks, there will be some SW collectibles on display, and our
friends from the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive
Storytellers (AEGIS) will be there to hold SW RPGs and/or CCGs and a
Sabacc Tournament. For the more mystically inclined, there will also
be a psychic and intuitive fair during the event.

Everyone is invited to come in their best SW costumes and participate
in the activities.

For more details, please keep checking our website,

Paeng's Eastwood Bowl is located at the 4/F Citywalk II, Eastwood
City, Libis, Quezon City.

Star Wars Philippines
Web: |

Sunday, October 23, 2005

new skin

new skin
last saturday was a good day to relax outside manila, i accompanied Lace to go to the mall for a facial treatment and I was surprised that she wants me to be with her during the treatment so for a shock I already writing my name for the list to be given a facial session.

inside the Let's Face It skin clinic, I washed up my face 3 times using that weird soap colored black and Lace's using the transparent one. it looks cool that we are like playing wearing this head band and some sort of baby bib.

while lying down the clinic attendant massages and cleans my face, while Lace is having her own session, which is I dont know what it is called.

and after that....
all word I can say and comes out in my mouth is "ARGHHHH" and "ouch""
the attendant said that I dont have any pimples and she asked me If I already got my last month skin treatment and I told her that my last treatment to a facia clinic was back in highschool, she was shocked to know the truth that my facial session was about 10 or so many years ago.

so the painful part in my face is removal of that black heads.
I almost bite my tougne during the removal, and it hurts so bad
and I got lots of it and I think I stayed and receiving pains for 4 mins.

after the session, my and gf went back to her home with a reddish and painful face.

but now.. we are cut again eeeehehheheheh for having a clean and soft skin ahhahahahahaahahha

"Nung isilang ka sa mundong ito.."

the two sisters are having a good trip on me again,
Liza took this photo while I'm playing Hale's song
and then Lace edit it in Photoshop, with a nice tags and a weird salutation

It's fun here outside Manila
esp. every night. watch tv and dvd and also some goodies.
donuts, cakes and pancit canton
computer chair and blue shirt.
oh yeah....... also its fun to play guitar while their niece Anya sings with us Pinoy Big Brother theme song

Let me hear you say "hooooo"
its diet time, but this time not a good idea to say the word diet.
thats we do while we have fun during eating.. going home this monday
have to fix my universitty enrolment.


thats the logo for the FEU-MATH Society
i redesign it and made it short single layout for their logo
this will be now their official badge and now i'll start to develop the website

LAst week gig

Image hosted by
Witchie Az
That's me during the night out lugaw cook

Image hosted by
tweeekkk or
wow.. si mama lace may new bag ! ahahhaah

Image hosted by
tweeeeetttt !!!! papa az pang halloween na ang ngiti

Halloween is coming...and I smell party everywhere!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the homo superiors are back !

click each photo to enlarge
thats Storm, Wolverine, Prof. X and Magneto

this is exciting!
X-Men 3 will be next year!
this is the very first on the set photos for the X-men 3 movie.

thanks to HNR for publishing the information
you can view the news here

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hallelujah Kryptonian!

Superman Returns is here! and at last a teaser movie trailer is now available for downloads.

Teaser poster for Superman Returns

Director Bryan Singer inside the craft during a test scene shot.
and mind you people! that's Superman space craft !

I already uploaded a low version of the movie teaser trailer
you can download and watch the low res video here

or if you want to watch the hi res version

Monday, October 17, 2005

After Star Wars Philippines turned Hard Rock Cafe into a Mos Eisley Catinna and Coruscant bar.
now Pinoy Harry Potter transformed the Cafe into Hogwarts! hohhohohoohoh

another fun filled rock and costume for all Harry Potter fans!

all you need is to wear any Harry Potter costume to enter the event for free
hmmm...I might get a black robe, then bring my broom stick or
dress up wearing a brown painted Pampers weilding a mace and act like a cave troll.

also this event might be a prelude for a one big event for the opening of Harry Potter movie 4 Goblet of Fire.

All Hallows Eve Ball at the Hard
Rock Cafe
School for Witches and Wizards

Dear Student of Magic,

Hard Rock Café Makati, Mellow Touch 94.7FM and Pinoy Harry Potter (Hogwarts
Philippines) cordially invite you to the "All Hallows Eve Ball at the Hard
Rock School for Witches and Wizards". Fly your brooms or apparate at the
Hard Rock Café Makati at Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, on Saturday, 29
October 2005, 6pm.

Attendees are encouraged to wear their best witch or wizard costume. Please
refrain from wearing gory, messy, or indecent costumes. The organizers have
the right to refuse entry to people who will violate these rules. Entrance
to the event is free for all who will come in costume, otherwise, HRC is
charging a Php400 cover charge (with free drink).

Registration for the Costume Contest will start at 6pm. The best witch or
wizard costume will win a cash prize of Php10,000. Parents are reminded
that children below 12 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian during
the Costume Contest Registration and Presentation proper.

Other equipment:
Create and wear the most creative wizard hat you can think of to go with
your witch or wizard attire! A special prize will be given to the Most
Creative Wizard Hat the judges will see that night!

Other activities:
Pinoy Harry Potter will be sponsoring Sorting and other fun activities. The
event will also feature the performances of The Late Isabel and Soulid Band.

Andy Maluche ART SHOW

one good guy from the industry invited me and it is open to everyone, Andy Maluche's art show.
his photo art are found in the pages of some pop culture magazine like PULP and he wrote articles for newspaper and magazine. He is a one cool artist-foreigner.

I got lost and stumble to his website 2 years ago and then become a fan of his photo art
and then after that last year we meet in a rock event in Manila Polo Club, we talk and we shoot photos of our selves. its like war of the digicam

too bad that my camera's battery depleted and Andy continues to shoot with a shocking attack style and later on published it in his website

read below his invitation :
Hey, After 5 successive photography exhibitions it's time again to show another side of me. Naawww, don't worry I am not going to expose any indecent body parts of mine again. But I would like to cordially invite you to my newest show: Painterly Paintings by Andy Maluche Friday October 21. at the Basement Salon, Powerplant Rockwell. Cocktails sponsored by Jack Daniel's and snacks by Davines at 7 pm Bring your friends

and after I read that Jack Daniel word.. i smiled!
coz it boooze time! hohohoh.... Im praying that I wish I can attend this.

DarkBulb exhibit

visit Nelz Yumul art exhibit in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta on Oct 24
I might attend this exhibit and maybe my last event to show up to people
will be supporting his exhibit and check it out we might become office mate soon ahahahha

there will be freebies to all GJ coffee buyers just check out the promo purchase
and live band performances at the start of 8pm

read the image poster for the details on whats cooking for Nelz' Exhibit
If you remember Nelz art was one of the honorable mention award for the Neil Gaiman art contest picked by Neil Gaiman himself.

Image hosted by

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm having my own vacation somewhere outside Luzon, and hoping to be back this coming weekday, and will relax my mind and soul ouside Manila just to let the time pass and forget everything and search my real friends. I know that i'm lost again and I really hated to go back to Manila,and I really want this thing to pass.

Its good thing that the food in here are yummy, its like a fiesta. I just want to let that incident last friday to pass, hakuna Matata for me.. and more tesla coil on top of mount pinatubo for my monument, a symbol of my anger and wrath.. (ooopps...what's that again?)

I maybe back in circulation before November 1. and I'll be back to visit the graves of our relatives and back to Manila, after that I'll prepare for the opening of the new term.

Semester is nearly ends and I encounter the hardest things that I divide myself to do some things, so what I did is to quit. and let myself focus on one part. I quit everything and promise myself not to back again.

I really learned my lessons here.

it was right.. and I fucking wrong.

so here I am facing new challenges
reformating for the preparation of a new age.

and thanks to all for I have worked with
thanks for all the respect and in believing me.

my part is already finished.. you all continue the rest

i know its a dream
a big dream, i know all of you won't let me down.

for some reasons that i know that the part of the dream had turned into a nightmare
i know nobody is perfect.

take a step forward then
i end up right back where i started from
back where i belong
away from reality

this dream is never ending
i want to wake up from this dream
i can't help my mental state
i play hard but i never can in
just dont look back and keep on fighting

i feel so empty right now
nothing to inspire me but some how
i keep on dreamin away
hopeing i will wake up soon some day

i used to be a happy guy but not today
don't try and tell me i will be ok
there's nothing i can do to wake up from this dream

Friday, October 14, 2005

pornstar lazy az

(Lazy me to draw a good cartoony me)

Its art attack time!
take a dose of my little Az Art and check out the stuff I do when ever I'm bored and lazy ehhehehe

all of these stuff are published in my Deviant ART

for now.. I'm starting to be busy again, will be joining lots of contest in order to have lots of whoola.
and hmm..forgot to start doing that TVC spot for AD CONGRESS.

anyway..will update you all tonight on whats the latest......chow chow!

my mind pictures a flower

in your head

pops out
and grows
while your in bed

sun flower

petals in mind
never remind
the flower that will be mine

(crappy eh?? haahahahaha)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're looking for a chow chow puppy pet

my girlfriend is now obsessed in this Chow Chow dog.
so now. I'm having a hard time in getting one for her.
she already keeps awake every night and in the office looking and staring at chow chow photos.

she wants one and she starts to get one
so I need to look for a affordable chow chow doggie.

If there's anyone who are selling a chow chow puppy
just message me here or txt me at 09275340309

or its better if you can let me adopt one of your chow chow puppy
we promised that we will take care of it and love it.

I'm a dog lover and she too a dog lover.
so pls us in getting a chow chow.

and girlfriend is protesting at her home and office
she needs badly a chow chow pet


Monday, October 10, 2005

GJ Artist of the Month

Lico Reloj will have his solo exhibit in Gloria Jeans Araneta Center Shopwise on Oct 10,12,14, 2005. click on the poster below for more details or visit his site , Lico is a cartoonist known for his ninja action comedy comic The Fifty Peso Ninja.

The Poster below is a teaser poster for Nelz Yumul one man exhibit in GJ, more details to follow, check out his site

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Toy Fest 2005
organized by the Kidz Station

Image hosted by
Its a kids dream to have a one place that has full of toys and for us adults who like toys we call it a heaven.

Image hosted by
I went to the 2nd day of the event and I was welcome by this big Superman Standee near the entrance, and once I got in the aircon breeze flows to my face, it was cold and everybody was busy playing around and touring with their kids. Familiar faces came in to me and greeted me for my arrival some of them are from toy clubs and people from Bates, who has a liscensing rights for DC comics, the event has lots of toy module exhibits, workshops, game booths and video game area.

Image hosted by
Mark C. and Mark S with Az, 3 rappers from Transformers Ph.

I tried the video game Fantastic Four and I nearly finished it I just got bored and let other people play the game.
coz I like to play that Return of the Sith game. Marc Cerbo and the Transformers Philippines were there for their booth module, Ricky Tinio also exhibited his Marvel vs. DC action figures diorama, series of Batmobiles collection of Oliver Kuy, Mechapinoy's Gundam exhibit and DC PH series of exhibit styles of die cast cars.

Image hosted by

I like the Hot Wheels tournament, I spend my time watching the racing of these small cars, and also I like the photo ops! hahahaha.. if you have kids you can let them play and have a photo of all booth activities. there's this game booth from the JLA convention, Batman glide, Superman weightlifting and then from Playkit the had a Spiderman web shooting villains gallery, gaming booth also you can try that Tekken 5 wearing the device in all parts of your body, each movement you make the video character will react the same move you make. cool huh!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Gundam contest (which I really missed and forgot to sign up) paint and line contest, they will give a free gundam to take home for free, just finished the model kit and paint it and submit it for the contest, after that you can have the Gundam kit for free...wohooh... I'm glad that they already have section for adults to join. coz last time 6-12 years old are only allowed to build the kit, it was sponsored by Bankee Trading and Mecha Pinoy.

Image hosted by
hmmm.. Superman Returns

Image hosted by
Mark Cerbo uses his head to escape the valley of geeks

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
aray!,,,,, my back!

and from Mark's camera

Azrael plays Fantastic Four

Now concentrates in finishing the game...

Azrael humpin' the display. ;D

Deadlock & Azrael with the TF toys in exihibit


visit my yahoo photo toyfest album here, just click the link dude!

and more photos from TFPH
gallery 1
gallery 2
gallery 3
photo forums

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Aztig reloaded

I' m starting to draw again ahehhehe.. and I did this cartoon i think last month.
I was so depressed that time and this is the only idea that came into my mind.
and just finished coloring it last night while I'm waiting for my girlfriend to call me on my cellphone.

I think I'll be creating a series of Aztig, also this piece is now published in Funny Page Comic section.

I'm still thinking some new ideas and new style that is best for me.
hmm..I smell comic strips!


Man, my animation lecture starts here! thanks again to Diane and her class, and Prof. Pineda and Antonio for inviting me doing this lecture last July. that got the attention my Math Prof. and hosted the animation seminar for the Math Department and IAS week. and now! I'm scheduled to do another lecture this 2nd semester.
from classroom to AVR and now in FEU UCC (University Conference Center), and my 3rd lecture is now organized by the Math Physics Dept., Mass Comm Dept. and IAS.

at my 3rd seminar, film makers from the Mass Comm dept. will feat. some short films that they had during their thesis. And for the 3rd lap of my seminar I'm already thinking of new topics about animation. I already showed them the history and different kinds of animation. maybe this time there will be hands on tutorials and a one min. animation on the spot project.


my latest certficate. and err..maybe tomorrow I'll be signing the 60 plus certificate of attendance for students.

Monday, October 03, 2005

For Sale : Himura Kenshin plush doll

brand new!
made in japan

for inquiries you can email me at
or txt me at 09275340309 or 09223598857

Pasta Party
Image hosted by
Smile...coz its pasta time!

Image hosted by
Mommy Lace cooks really good for Daddy Az

Last saturday at the Llnora's residence we had started a pasta party and thanks to Lace's Mom, Tita Sally for approving my idea to cook pasta on that day, It was also the Graduation day of Lace, but she's to tired and got lazy to attend the graduation rites in PICC, so she decided to stay home and rest. And then off I go to Cavite again to visit her and celebrate her graduation day even that she didnt attend it.

Image hosted by
the food of the gods!

It was a heavenly day for the both us, we cooked pasta together and then her friend Mariel arrived to visit and part with us. and The Long wait is over! I just ate my first ever pasta with Lace. It was fun, we cut lots of onions and garlic, hotdogs,.
And I just saw some secret recipe of Suzaku Pasta con Merrylandia Spagetta.

also a little bit nervous to cook it infront of Lace's mom ahahaha

At her home its always a food fest, her mom always cook and treat me different cook style of banana, there's boiled banana and sweeted banana. Yesterday I missed the Banana Q, coz her mom thought that I'll arrive yesterday so she cooked some.

Image hosted by
It was fun that day coz it videoke time!
last last week I stayed overnight in Cavite and we got our first late night videoke night with Lace and Liza. While watching the Hurrican Rita coverage in CNN, we just decided to take a singing contest, and then Liza started the ceremony singing a Sarah Geronimo anthem hahhah, also her auntie, Yeyey, joined the fun and we got tired and sleepy after 1am, and we just saw some japanese adult flick in cable at late midnight. geeez...these stuff still existed in late night cable TV.

and hooray guys!
my injured and wounded hand is already cured!
as baby Anya says "sooogat!"

Image hosted by
wahahaha..nahiya kasi nakapambahay!

Image hosted by
yup we are bored! haahahaah (inside DLSU)

then the following Sunday morning, we geared up and went to DLSU with Liza, to accompany her to take the College entrance examination, we gave her tips and advice on taking the exam, then Mariel rode with us inside the CRV going back to Manila, then she went to her school project gig.When Liza got inside the room, me and Lace decided to wait form 8am to 12nn inside the DLSU conserv, we got bored and sleepy,while waiting, we chatted and she draw lots of naughty stuff in my notebook hahaha... I really miss her more whenever I see her drawing in my notepad.

Image hosted by
Lace and Liza, the sister food monsters

Then after the entrance exam, Liza and Lace got into a food festy again, treating us in Maxim Tea House. ite pretty weird coz they changed their name from Maxim Tea House to MXT. we stuffed our tummy again then we watch Liza do her electronic piano the yamaha move practice in SM Bacoor.

Image hosted by
Food monsters are happy

then after going to back home, Tita Sally again offered the Banana and I ate it. also Chomporado too. its a super food fest for the weekend for us..

also last night I tasted the super yummy Beef Adobo..
cooked by her! I feel heavenly.and started to eat...real food!
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