downloading @ youtube

there are lots of cool stuff at and its a video converted into flash
so yesterday, i sat in Netopia and studied on how to download it and convert it mpg format. and after 30 minutes of trial, i finally did it and now il be reserving my usb drive for cool downloads of fun stuffs, av idols, music videos and even sick and bastardly videos that was never before seen here.

if you wanna learn how to.
post a comment here or mail me


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mark said…
Sir Az, pwede po malaman kung paano idownload yung mga videos? ^_^
to download/save videos from youtube:

type this in your browser:

replace xxxxx with the ID of the video file.

for example the link given is

the ID of the video file is IGcvvJCQsio

so type

in your browser...then it will ask you if you want to save or open the file


for more sophisticated method click this link & follow direction:

Rename the downloaded file with the extension ".flv" which will make it playable with an FLV (Flash) player.

Here is a free player, that will also convert the file to AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV :
mark said…
Salamat po! :)
yo mark!
no problem!!!