May 2006 FHM
its Zsa Zsa Zaturrnah!!!!!!
I just saw the preview cover in and

Lace Llanora - Oh my goodness! bow don to Ms. Eula Valdez. her pose rocks! no mammary gland exposure and all that whore crap. i love this! she's so hot and the shot is very nice.Go grab a copy now!!!

Azrael - wow!!!! must have!! must have!!!!!

Mark Cerbo - matanda na pero gaya ng alak sumasarap. bibili na ako mamaya!

Jaclyn Lim (alamat ml) - And boy, she never looked so GOOD! :D

Edgard Tadeo (alamat ml) - I'm sure Gerry will have a copy of this mag. Hehehehe! =P

thanks to Budj for the head ups!!!

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