Toycon prod. note 6

to the batmobile !...lets go!

May 2006 is near, and its about time to speed up our marketing butts for the convention, and its great that for now we got lots of progress, sponsors are already interested and some of them joined the toycon band wagon, everyone is so excited for the new 2 day event decision. Too bad that we never allowed already a product lock out for online gaming, coz this year, we are opening the band wagon for everyone., its hard to have a product lock out, as I explained last prod. note 5., we wooo weoooo weooo..

last Friday was our meeting, and i didnt attend it coz I have to concentrate and do some chores inside my bedroom cage, so I txted them all for some updates and now Im waiting for the latest progress of our team.

I was informed that day that the cosplay rules was copied from another event, I burst into flame after hearing that out, and I panic immediately and do some plans on how to take that out from the website, coz Im stucked in my OJT and no internet plugs available for me, so what I did is that I send out the task to my cosplay contest organizer to fix that out and fix their problem.

on that day I didnt know and wasn't aware of the so-called-plagiarism incident.
On the same day, I check it out and managed to removed the rules online, thanks to my cosplay team, then I analyzed and saw some not-so-similar mechanics of the contest. Although that my team used it as reference, or a guide, but they forgot that having an original contest is one of my priority. So i told them to removed it all and do another set of contest rules. They apologized and told that never to do that again.

whew! a short range fire, Im glad that everything is okay, coz the other event organizer are screaming already to take that out hahahahahah....
its funny, coz it happened already and this is the 2nd time (the last time, I was the one who complained to take the rules out, but after that told them that we will be allowing them to use our rules if we act as a judge in their contest)

right now.. a new set of rules will be uploaded.
take note, we were the first to include in the contest rules that real live weapons and harmful props are prohibited in the cosplay contest.

magazine ad plan

after that fire in the hole, comes another graveyard job.
I just found out the we haven't done any magazine ads. I was informed by our partner that the ads are needed before May 2006, for their May issue.

good thing that I got the PSD files of toycon and was assigned to the ad job, coz no one in our team can handle that fast so this coming monday, the magazine ads for Toycon is finished.
toink!!! deadline is on wednesday, so I expect that I must finished it by monday.

smiley !!!

hhohohoh.. check out this lil cutie toy.
I got this yesterday before watching Silent Hill in Glorietta 4, people from Yahoo Phil are having their marketing gimik, they were giving this toy smiley, that if you shake it you'l hear a laughing sound. hahhahhaaha..... its so cute!

I talked to them and gave my contacts coz I 've been thinking of getting Yahoo Phil. to be our partner or perhaps a sponsor for the event.

also..Im still waiting for to reply. coz I invited them also for the fan film contest. news that Im making a new logo for the event, we already discarded the "5" logo that spoofed the logo emblem of Superman.
reasons?? : the last son of Krypton told us to removed that and he said that he will visit us at the event ( did you get what I mean??!!!)

whew! till next production note!!!

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