Toycon prod. note 5

I just found out that we need to adjust the floor layout for an incoming exhibitor. So we decided to put everything at the event, I'm expecting a big crowd this June coz everything is in there and all hobbyist, fans, and collectors will strom the entrance gate once again.

before the meeting I was hanging out with MC of TFPH for a Sitti Navarro mall tour in Megamall, I'm planning to talk to her manager and arrange some live acts for ToyCon, MC already sent out the invitation and it seems that they are interested. too bad the mall tour was postponed that night and was moved this friday.

Then MC treated me dinner in Rai Rai Ken, hehehe.. my choice, it was like floating in my seat after seeing my Gyudon smoking with beef and eggs. while MC here enjoys the walang kamatayang Tonkatsu, during our dinner Henry de Dios joined us and we discuss some parts for the cosplay and marshal duties, then after dinner we went all together for the meeting.

it seems that we need to boost more marketing power and everyone is already excited.
i haven't started my part yet coz Im still stucked in my OJT and been forbidden to use a computer at night at home in Cavite. so to complete all my task and job, I do this every morning and sometimes at my OJT.

Im now targeting a Mascot fest at the Toycon, kids and parents will love this. So today Im scouting some mascot groups and owners to participate this June.

also at the meeting I met Unleashed, moderators of the forums Pinoy Toy Kolektor. Its funny that he was there beside my seat and then we talked about some toy activity and he showed me some entries of the Pinoy Toy Kolektor banner contest.

we are studying and waiting for another cosplay contest. A sponsor might host a SUPER HEROES cosplay contest for MARVEL and DC characters only. Im not sure if it locks to DC sueperheroes but I know it has some relation to their products.

The Fan film rules are still in production, but got already the dropping point of entries.
also still waiting for Comic Alley's response in the involvement to our event,.

also I just heard that a customized Wonder Woman lifesize figure will be exhibited.
wow...thinking of a lifesize fig of a Justice League figure...

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