Superman everyday

holy krypto's pooh pooh! I saw this Superman Standee in front of my school in FEU, Miriam Webster store put that up and lookie what I did hehheehhe

from the land of misfits.... check out the sidewalk poster of Superman Returns.
for only P20 you can take home Brandon Routh and post it in your wall. I just talked to the poster seller and she said that the poster came from Hong Kong, and I asked if there are still any other designs and they said that the most sold out poster is the TEASER poster Superman logo poster.

ehhehehe.I bought one poster...and now I went to the local frame maker, and they told me that framing a 30 X 40 poster will cost me only P500, having a glass frame and wood frame. no borders.

i haven't got this magazine ...but my sister bought one back issue (fantastic four issue) and then at the toycon she got a FREE SUPERMAN Returns poster.....
that I haven't seen at home!!!! I was thinking that It might be damaged at home with all those stuffs in my house- warehouse.

gotta go home and must save that poster!!!!!

Warner Bro's Philippines contribution to our event at the Toycon 2006. thats my sister posing with the humonhous movie ad. also the exhibit features all episode of Brian Singer's production video and Superman Returns Production Photos, very official from Warner Bros. and I heard some of it were lost and stolen after the day of event. how sad !

Erning!!!! the good boy from VTOYZ hobby shop who told me about our RED CARPET tickets!
and thanks to Vic Yap for sharing the used tickets as for my souvenir...

argh!!!!! I didn't win the advance screening for tonight!

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