Superman Returns day

inside a FX ride
The Superman logo sticker,.... I was planning to steal it, but I decided not to.
hehehehe..bad kaya yun..

the movie opens tomorrow June 28, 2006. and Im still having problems what time will I watch it, and I just found out that I have a meeting the whole afternoon for a new gig and Lace my lady is sick and Im not sure If we will watch the Kryptonian movie tomorrow.

Everything here in Manila is Superman !!

from TV, billboards and even my classmates scream SUPERMAN!

here are the stuff of Supes here in Manila

Superman Returns KFC toy.
Lace completed this Chuckie Meal toy freebie and now it sits in her table at home, still intact in plastic. I was wondering if she will sell it next toycon hahhaha

Superman Returns KFC Bucket Meal.
we got the tumblers after we dine in last toycon.
and hmm...the big bucket might appear soon during my bday hahhahaha

711 Superman Returns promo.
I went crazy after i saw this and now Im a regular 711 customer, buy any Slurpie or Pepsi drinks and get a scratch card and win a Sony PSP, sticker and Superman Watches.

and damn !!!!! no watch??? no PSP????? I always win an 8 0z. Slurpie that 711 has no stock of it.. arghh!!! boo !! boo!!!!

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