The Prestige

magic is a trick
magic is a mystery
magic is a part of science

magic gives us free ticket for the movie premiere of The Prestige

"We can't believe it ! to see is to believe!!!!"

The line going to the magic show of the year

2 volunteers who will assist the magician in cutting the chicken into half

Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"Alfred, This is uncomfortable, I really like having those claws back!"

Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
they fight for the trick...the amazing and spectacular transporting man

Anthony DeMarco and Christian Bale in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"This coin came from Two Face"

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in Touchstone Pictures' The Prestige
"See this? It heals and my mutant power is back!"
"You're not my type as my Boy Wonder, I rather work alone"

director Nolan tricked us again and for me this movie really bugged my visuals as I got being hooked in the story, Im wondering that maybe this kind of story is true. The concept of having two magicians destroy each other just to be on top of the career of being a magician and performer. During the middle of the movie you will be puzzled on how those trick works. especially about the disappearing act. You'll hate both characters, but in the end you will choose which side of them is right and wrong. Just listen and dont mind their English accent.
for me...this movie rocks the magical equation and the greatest magic trick of all will be reveal..

Watch it! and don't rent it.

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