The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 6

At last.. another update to all of you, been busy lately for the website of GHG and the website restoration is going good, thats why I went back for ToyCon to fix once and for all my other duties for this.

Formulating contest rules are one of my favorite job, this requires heavy conceptualization of guidelines for the contest. The contest rules should be clear and easy to understand. You must be familiar to its nature and also
the outcome of the contest. Sometimes if ever I need to top my ideas, all I do is search for other contest and then compare my rules to them, Coz Im avoiding rules to be the same to other events and that is a very serious issue.
And it happened to our contest rules copied for an event not affiliated to us - not for the first time it happened.
but its okay, I've already forgive them and told them not to use or clone our contest materials with out our permission.

The contest rules and line up are here already, and also posted in the
and some of the rules posted are not yet final. but people can use those rules if they want to start right away.
minor revisions will be included that relates to submission and other mechanics.

here are the contest line up for ToyCon 2007

Customized Action Figure Contest

Original Character Design Contest

Fan Film Contest

ToyCon Live Action Figure COSPLAY Contest

TransFormers Speed up Contest

Video Game Tournament

Inter School Comic Creation Contest

TransFormers FAN ART Contest

Inter School Animation short film contest

there ya go!
geez...This TransFormers season gives a very terrible headaches. lots of issue and me as for being controversial once again hahhahaha..

oh kids!thats all for now. I;ll give you update soon about THEIR MOVIE, OUR TOYCON

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jactinglim said…
sounds like fun :)
thats not yet finish!

more to come soon!