Banshee in cavite.

damn...are banshee real?
im not so sure about it, but i just googled it out and saw an article in wikipedia that banshee are part of this irish theme. i know theres a guy who scared us years ago about banshees, ya know when people with 3rd sense group around and we create this so called giant radar which we pick up signals from the netherworld. hmmm

well, me the other night, just experienced this weird encounter..or i shall say that i heard this some kind of female screaming some kind of a shriek. that i think cames from above and floats around the village.
were i got disturbed when all the house dogs in the village went crazy and wild due to the noise.
and im double sure that it is not an airplane. coz i know how plane sounds like. not sure about that., but i;l just listen to it and never look at it.
but believe me, i know what i heard and im blogging it right now.

hmmm..another case for my Azrael's other world

In Ireland, the Banshee, who is supposed to be a fairy woman (bean, woman; sidhe, fairy) is said to wail and cry when members of certain families are about to die. It has never been established, however, why this ghostly creature follows some families.

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Heffer Wolfe said…
I don't know if it's a banshee kasi usually banshees are found very near bodies of water (they're said to be ghosts of women who died in childbirth and when seen they usually manifest themselves washing the bloody clothes of those about to die). Another good story about another famous banshee is La Llorona, the Mexican ghost who shrieks along rivers in Mexico looking for her children. Iniisip ko baka yung narinig mo variant ng aswang because some of them make weird noises when they're prowling around.

Or maybe it's just a weird bat or any flying animal that got lost.
ohhhhh...thats creepy!!!

you got a maybe an ASWANG

im so scared if ever i will hear it again.

sometimes its present at 2am or 3am.

weird cries the other night like a dog..weird cry

but i know how dogs behave
and this one is different.