The years of CampV5

its a Voltes V fan group in Manila and I think it was the first ever fan group that was publicly known as Camp V5. I have restored digitally some analog videos at home and here it is a feature in Extra Extra, you will see me there so thin, fresh from a one week recovery from my kidney treatment.

The year when the animation Voltes V was revive by GMA-7 and shown the first ever english dubbed of the last 4 episodes in the big screen. This was way back before HERO TV revive it and re-dubbed it in Filipino.

the year is 1999.

the CampV5 ML is still active and the original members are still active online.
you can check out the group website at

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jactinglim said…
uy may group na rin pala ang voltes5 :D
oo meron dati group, matagal na nga yan e...
joisu said…
kuyaaaaaaaaaaaaa gusto ko ng bagong beerkada dali dali dali penge ako
langya...voltes v post ito e hahahaha
wala pa ko post ng beerkada

sige..pag meron na..ipadala ko na lang dyan