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Saturday, September 08, 2007

its a sweet dreams

i really dont like people who laughed at me say that I look like a crazy person for having some dreams turn into reality, yeah! i've been conceptualizing months ago about something during my free time and when I share some tidbits info about my dream project, all I hear is a big hahaah!

but when I shared the idea to some people, they liked it and they say it will be a big break in the world of IT. i said.. nahhhh this is not for IT, but it will be about the culture and less being part of being serious on some fandom.

and when I exchanged the idea to a friend who works in a big local magazine, they are game and willing to give support.

Im trying to prevent this project to be mention here, but I just can't help it, and i know my blog readers will help me more to make this dream come true.


I just wanna give a big splat on the face on that adult person, it happened when I was a grade school boy for labeling me as a crazy kid, when they saw me building this weather experiment...

I think they aren't familiar with the word " Wind vane" and "barometer"

Re: Carlo J. Caparas replaces 7 comic strips in PDI

Here's one artists reply..... This one was sent to me via email few minutes before I log out
from a guy named Mon-ra



don't sue me Inquire for putting this.

this is only a reaction and a freedom of speech of everyone's reaction about the removal of 6 other strips replacing CJC comics.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Komiks! Andito na (ads)

i just saw this giant billboard near pioneer in EDSA.

according to the people of PKMB, the comics will be available in news stands on Sept 14.
I just hope it will be available too in local bookstores and mall.


an update a few minutes of this post, that the Php10 comics will be available only in news stands and bangketas.

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 4

Been busy the whole week, Im now working on as a marketing boy for the seminar and Im busy drafting letters, talking to sponsors, setting up a meeting with them, approving some letters, making counter proposals and eating fatty foods. I can see that I will be a busy week again for me attending conferences and meeting to close a deal with sponsors. And for getting a media tie up, Im still having a hard time choosing which side will I go. hmmm..

thanks to The Pinoy Toy Kolektors Forum for making the comic seminar as their frontpage ad

Also, while ago, my sister told me that the seminar is in the front page of wow!!!
and also thanks to Renie for plugging the ads in Friendster's group channels,
wow! I just can't believe that the word of mouth is finally happening online!
thanks guys! and to all who bought the tickets! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dr. Strange Animated Movie

Another blockbuster animated movie again from Marvel!
ahhahhaha! you thought that its one of those live action comic movie, but this is more different and i like the idea for making a series of animated movie and instead of live action. As you see, Im going crazy whenever another Marvel movie comes in, but here the less known character outside the comic fandom will be remembered here and given a big notice to everyone that super human with tights and masks are not the only "gwapo" or powerful in the comicverse.

For me, I never researched about Dr. Strange, I just dont know where the hell did he get his powers or who is he before he became a sorcerer supreme. Well, all questions are answered here in the latest animated movie by Marvel, Its so sad, that the DVD is not yet available here in our country and we might wait for more months until an official distributor carries this video.

I like to admit that I downloaded a DVD copy of it in the internet, and because that Im excited and really want to watch it, I downloaded it for 3 days getting that DVD quality rip and then enjoyed watching it at home. But I promised myself that I'll grab the original video if the its already available. and Yeah! I saw an Iron man DVD in Shangri La, an original version DVD, selling for P150 only!

Ok, If you really a Marvel, I recommend this movie to you! but first, If you havent seem Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and the Invincible Iron Man animated movie, you should go to your nearest video store and watch it!!

Because the last time I saw myself watching these is that I just cant stop cursing and say bad words, just a normal reaction for being suprised and amazed of all the actions and drama of each movie.

In this movie, Dormamu, the nemesis of Dr. Strange, is one scary monster. And to think of it,
Dr. Strange is really a Doctor !!!! wow!!

After releasing 3 movies from Marvel, Im now thinking that soon there will be a big movie cross over of these hereos.

Here's a short clip about the origin.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wayrd solo show ni dondon villaluz

// Im promoting my friend's exhibit, so if you are near the area, feel free to drop by.

September 6, 2007
7:00 PM onwards
Remedios Street, Malate Manila
near Remedios Circle

“I draw my inspiration from the scenes around me, personal experiences, and social reality, working with digital media from my own original photographs and drawings, with a reflection into past representationalism, trying to make subtle comment on our culture.
I embrace new technology, new ways of creating images and art, as fellow artists have done long before me.
The digital camera offers amazing effects and techniques as well as computer’s logic can present and allow manipulation of an image on it’s screen, to an incredible degree, but it has no concept of how things should be, and so… the infinity of creativity, that is left to the artist.”

Dondon Villaluz is an experimental photographer, a digital artist, a self taught painter, a muralist, a graphic and web designer and a dreamer, who always dream of peace, unity and freedom in its truest sense. Digitally inspired by the works of Kevin Rolly and his oilgraphy, fascinated by the warm colors, lights and shadows of Rembrandt.

Dondon Villalluz
M - +639216740281

my interview at Philippine News - Toy Stories

I was interview by Ronald Panis months ago after the ToyCon event and said that its for a US based Pinoy newspaper called The Philippine News. Then after checking weeks after weeks in their website, I just realized that my short interview will not yet appear. Then while ago after reading some West Side comics strip, I saw a link of the newspaper and after clicking it, I was surprised that they already featured it! wohohoh! thanks Ronald!!!

MANILA — In these times when contemporary pop culture is rife with superheroes, intergalactic knights and wizards, it's no wonder toys and collectibles have become more than just playthings. Just ask the growing number of adolescents and adults aggressively invading the realm of toy collecting once tagged 'for kids.'

One of the five organizers of the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (ToyCon,, which celebrated its sixth year last June, Azrael Coladilla notes how the perception about toys have transcended the notion that they're just for kids. A collector since he was a kid, Azrael points to the deluge of adult fanatics who grace their yearly event. Families are actually the target market.
---- snipps..----

This is why, Coladilla points out, there are numerous toy stores mushrooming across Manila. There are even those selling items online, especially since many foreigners go gaga over locally made models unavailable in their countries. For example, the Transformers toyline available in Jollibee kiddie meals was purchased by a foreigner for only P500.

Let's see that price skyrocket 10 or 15 years down the road, especially if that toyline is discontinued by the manufacturer, making it truly a rare and unique find.
read full article here

Lastikman TV series update 2

I really like to see more about the upcoming Lastikman TV series, when I do a little search on their Wiki, the story plot and origin of Lastikman seems to fit the original, but in some case a little familiar on the pattern. Are we expecting him to be more like Clark Kent or Enteng ?
I might stick on the Mango Comics version of Lastikman which I like it and the story much more close to the original.

Lastikman, a half-human, half-alien superhero, traces his roots to the planet Harraio. Shunned due to his inter-planetary blood, Eskappar (Vhong Navarro), eventually gets thrown to Earth, as his mother thinks that this is the only way to save him. A kind human adopts him, and names him Miguel. As he grows up, he discovers his extraordinary powers, such as the ability to stretch, and the ability to mold himself into any other object. And this is where his adventure begins.

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalawakan 4th update

pic source

This update just came in, after updating their Wiki, it seems that they now show some backside of the story of Zaido, my guess is right, they will make Zaido a descendant of Shaider, making it some kind of a sequel of the original Shaider. This is something great to hear. Im now hoping that they can match the effects used like in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, for me they got one cool effects, since thats the last sentai i just saw on TV. The pic above is from, read and see whats the latest news about Zaido in their article Shaider times 3

sorry guys, it looks like that there will be no Annie or Naomi Morinaga descendants here.

Zaido is an upcoming series of GMA Network that is a sequel to the Japanese tokusatsu series, Uchuu Keiji Shaider. Initially, the network was supposed to do a remake of Shaider, but Toei rejected the script that they submitted. Toei instead, permitted them to write an original series featuring the descendants of the characters in Shaider.[1]. In fact, in the teasers that are currently aired for the show, the name of Toei is depicted in the show's title card which signifies Toei's blessing for the show. This will be a spin-off to the Uchuu Keiji Trilogy which is a part of the Metal Heroes genre in Japanese Tokusatsu. Also, this will be the unofficial fourth installment to the Uchuu Keiji Series, and the unofficial eighteenth installment to the Metal Heroes genre.

cast update
Iwa Moto as Amazonang Itim

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Carlo J. Caparas replaces 7 comic strips in PDI

here's the latest scoop that I read before signing off, read it from our Artists' Den mailing list,
for me its quite a little disturbing for canceling 7 strips in order to make way for this new series.


Carlo J. Caparas, the man who will save Philippine komiks, has let The
Philippine Daily Inquirer publish his diaryo novela 'To have and To Hold'.\

To make room for his half-page komiks, PDI stopped publishing 7 other
comic strips.

This includes Divine Comedy by Steven Pabalinas, Mikrokosmos by Jomike
Tejido, and Love Knots by Elizabeth Chionglo.

The only strips left are Atomo and Weboy, Pugad Baboy, Kiko Machine,
and Garfield (plus two others).

The question that came to my mind is this: How can a man save the
Philippine komiks industry by replacing 7 existing comic strips with one?

** image scan borrowed from here


Where: College of Fine Arts University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
September 15, 2007
Entrance Fee: P120 (good for the Cosplay events and the Concert)

In lieu of University of the Philippine's Centennial next year, organizations from the College of Fine Art are having a one of a kind celebration: cosplay and concert. Have a blast with cosplaying, games, and anime bands. And at night, go and jam with today's hottest bands like Chicosci, Callalily, and many more.

Otaku Bands: Unfinished Confessions, Harap sa Likod, Himitsuki Heiki, Wasted Sopas, 3 Day Trial, Progeny, Neotaku, and many more.

FA Bands: Maui's Taylor, Sympatica, Ishlavu, Dystopia, Cathexis, Cocopyup

Professional Bands: Chicosci, Callalily, Sinosikat, and many more…

Contests: Individual and Group cosplay, Siomai eating contest, Wasabi eating contest, etc. (Prizes will be given away to winners)

Event Schedule:

10:00 am: Opening of gates/Contests registrations

3:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Cosplay Event

8:00 to 10:00 pm: Announcement of Winners

10:00 pm: Concert

For the cosplay guidelines, send your inquiry to

// im plugging this event as requested by my Omake News Philippines ML subscribers

Monday, September 03, 2007

Free comic seminar tickets for the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2007

production note 3

If you consider yourself a professional-level and cannot afford the entrance fee, submit a portfolio of 10 images -- up to 8 sequential and two covers -- to be eligible for a FREE pass to the Seminar. We will be giving away 12 free passes.

send your portfolio sample to or

For Tips and some test plots visit

5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2007

if you have any inquiries or questions, feel free to email me at or

Good Luck!

Azrael Coladilla
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