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Friday, September 14, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note7



tomorrow I'll be delivering the tickets in all Comic odyssey and Filbars branches.
and now we dont have a poster printer partner, Im glad that Im acquiring a P25 poster printing service I found in Manila. But im still hoping to get a poster printer partner for this year.

3 magazine print ad will come out next month, daily radio ads, internet annoucement, massive poster placement in all over the metro and nationwide. and finally TV ads! oh wow!!!

thansk to PJ for this great poster layout.

UST comic exhibit- workshop production note 1

at last, the very own production note for the UST Accounting Journal comic workshop.

We arrived at 2pm and waited for them to pick us up in Mcdonalds, while we continue our discussion about the local comics comeback we joke around on some showbiz news and other funny stories.

But before that, I visited Alva to do printing on some comic seminar poster and Gerry Alanguilan's artwork for the exhibit. and golly! after the 1st photo print, I was amazed to see a blow up size of the old page of TIMAWA.


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then we waited the accounting org to finish the panel set up, while we wait inside their office, we satyed relaxed and watch my download movie of Hellboy animated movie.
then they provided a Mcdo grub for us and thankies to them for that.

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Ariel setting up his artwork

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Ging gang golly!! Artists' Den peeps
it was funny because during our small walk, we shared each of our own UST nostalgic moment.
we funny talk about cosplaying using our old UST uniform, but it was unfair to me, because if that happens, I'll be wearing my elementary shorts kaki hahhahaaah

more photos here

Komiks are back! Sept 14, 2007 release

Hey kids! the local news stand comics are back again!
Carlo J. Caparas and Sterling are very serious in restoring back our old traditions in comics.
Although that it took me some minutes in searching for these comics in our local news stands, while walking in the street of Quiapo, I just saw already some probably conflicts that may encounter for the comics.

In Quiapo, pirated dvds are mostly visible than the comics news stand, after walking from Quaipo to recto, it took me 3-4 news stand store before grabbing a copy of the comics in a small street store selling newspaper, cigarette and now! the comics.

after buying one set of 5, I began my walkathon going to Recto, and search for other store.
unfortunately, I just saw 2 store carrying the product. It looks like that out 10 store, only 2 of them sell the comics.

here are the covers of the comics.

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This part is new, they included a tab seal, so that possible buyers can't peak on it.
early readers, including me. Ariel, Patrick and Lyndon (not on pic) are amazed on the release
but after that our Artists' Den discussion focuses on. How many months will these comics continue? Are they going to compile them in one book ? Will there be more ad sponsors next issue? is this will be a weekly run forever? are there any other titles coming ?
or are the other part of the comics industry will follow this hype?
what's under Caparas' sun glasses. well we just hope that he is not a clone.
Andres de Saya..
as always.
Hal Santiago's illustration for Kroko, now one of my favorite title.

I texted Mr. Hal and I congratulate him for the release of the comics, then he replied his thanks and later on I was surprised on the last part of the message, there is a meeting going on at the building of Sterling and I was told to go there and join their meeting. oh wow! Sterling and the Caparas. But too bad I failed to join their meeting due to our commitment to set up the exhibit in UST that afternoon.

there it goes kids! go out and buy!
for only P10 pesos.
only in the Philippines!

more photos of it here


short update.
read this in Randy's blog. and he says that the 5 titles are all SOLD OUT !!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

UST comic exhibit- workshop

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Artists' Den is invited again to conduct an exhibit and workshop for UST students.

UST Accountacy Journal

a pause from numbers

A Literary and Art Lecture
workshop and contest

Venue : Velayo-Sycip Multi Purpose Hall
AMV College of Acountancy bldg,
University of Sto. Thomas

Speakers for Arts. (9am-5PM)

Sept 19 - Gerry Alanguilan (Comics Story Telling) , Ariel Atienza and Lyndon Gregorio ( Comic Strips )
Sept 27 - Wilson Tortosa ( Cartooning and Comics)

for other inquiry - email Dorothy Cay-an at

Contest will start at the afternoon, after the lecture.

1st prize - P1000, plus gift item
2nd prize - gift item
3rd prize - gift item


hi everyone

this friday at 2pm, will be the start of the comic exhibit that will run from sept 17-27th.

for those who like to join with the exhibit, message us here for your participation
and we will set up a meet up venue, probably in Mcdonalds near UST along Espana

bring your artworks, printed, originals, xerox, etc.

the comic workshop will start next week on the 19th and 27th.
the lecture will be headed by Gerry Alanguilan, Ariel Atienza, Lyndon Gregorio and Wilson Tortosa.

there will be a booth selling table on the 19th and 27th. Those who like to join at the booth selling. pls proceed to the exhibit set up so that we can arrange it and have a meeting with the student org. and Bring your comic book sample or items for sale.

also, for those who want to join or just purely attend the UST comic event. and hang out with us in the booth and exhibit.

just list your name below. so that the org will make a list of people who will be there.

PM me here or send me an email at if there are some concerns and inquiries.


the exhibit set up will begin this friday, sept 14
at 2pm, meet up can start at 1pm in Mcdonalds, Espana near UST

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2nd Kongreso ng Komiks

its a congress for Philippine comics, the local and cheap comics that we know and its already being revive for the news stand market. The congress is headed by Carlo Caparas, NCAA and KWF.

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I was chosen as the assistant chairman for the committee of Careers and Enhancement with Hal Santiago and he is our main chairman.

I went there to listen and be an observer, and I didn't expected that people in their wanted me to be part of it. I just hope that for being part of it, I can deliver some major concerns about the comics field today that they haven't noticed. so thats square one, and hoping on the next chapter

After my short-immediate speech and report for our plan of having a series of workshop, seminar, free materials, exhibit and convention. Carlo J. Caparas stood up after and gladly shakes my hand. hahaha.. wow! i just hope..really hope that these ideas will bring a big change.

Before the Congress started, Joelad Santos of Komisyon ng wikang Filipino, opened the event by letting us hear a sample music theme song for Carlo Caparas' comics.

you can download a raw sample mp3 HERE
it was performed and sang by a blind musician, the guy who did the PCSO theme song.

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What did I say here?
here's what I posted in my multiply. sorry that Im so lazy in editing these stuff for my blog.
I was freaking out in some minutes, and because Im not prepared for having big speech report.

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Im bugging Garro of for an advice and he said that I shouldn't swallow my words or just go straight to the point. It was a good advice, there KC Kordero and Marboy raised their flags for support and just to take my tense away.
I was chosen to be part of Hal Santiago's committee, about Careers and enhancement, it was a sudden super short notice and the people around want me to be their speaker with Mr. Hal, then during the intro, they dubbed us chairmans, and me assistant chairman of that committee.

primarily focus is on conducting workshop and seminar, this was one of the idea of Mr. Hal, while I do a small part in telling them about a plan about free comic materials for those who want to learn the art of writing and drawing via using the internet, using our own resources and artist.
to have our own lecturing styles.

it was very hard to explain first to them, (while speaking at the front) that being part of an international based comic agency and partnering up with Mr. Hal and the local comic field, I just told them to learn one another and try to merge it and try to form a new or modern concept. its very complication for my part. Because Im exposed to a different comic industry.

then i just told them about making a series of school tour, not just aiming at the urban and provincial side, but more focusing on the general people like in the malls, exclusive school, private areas, which have a big interest in the comic field.

i told them im not a comic artist or writer, but i do lots of comic related activities and just hope that they can get my point.

im not sure if they will fund this project and me and my big mouth, conceptualizing a Comic boot camp for all and a venue to all artist who can teach one another and share ideas as one, and develop each other via mentoring.

just like we do in komikero and artists den.

im not really sure what will happen next, but Mr. Hal give me a big thumbs up and we will talk about this maybe next week. or soon.

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i think its a go. Mr. Caparas stood up, shake my hand and im glad that he listens. ( i think...)

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I was about talk to him in a short time after the congress.... but..
i just cant get a good conversation, after these press and media stormed around with him for a quick interview

maybe soon...I can talk to him..and present some issues

Im uploading a video today, and he took back what he says about comics being dead.

im not really sure of my involvement in the Komiks Kongress, it was very unexpected event for me. and even if people do believe in it or not, its up to the Kongress to grant these ideas and project if ever they really want to make the comic scene healthy.
Its weird that Im quoting myself here.

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Andres de Saya

click here for more photos - 2nd Komiks Kongress

and now for the VIDEO COVERAGE !!!!

2nd Kongreso ng Komiks, opening, speechs and other scenes.
feat. also the committee chairmans

Carlo J. Caparas - speech and words
he mention about Manga comic styles, and he noted that it is not Filipino.

my camera is a little shaky at first, because I placed my camera on top of an air conditioner

Read some interesting NOTES ON THE KONGRESO NG KOMIKS reported by Garro of and also try visiting of Randy Valeinte for some interesting topics

Monday, September 10, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 6

interview during the 3rd Arts and Music Festival

feat. the artists of Glass House Graphics and also lecturers for the comic seminar
Wilson Tortosa
Carlo Pagulayan
Ernest Jocson
Harvey Tolibao
and Jim Jimenez

Sunday, September 09, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 5

Im happy that the comic seminar is having big topic in some comic news website.
Thanks to Ryan and Mark for informing me about the CBR news.

and below, thanks to this site for featuring it in their frontpage.

Tomorrow will be a big day, and I'll be preparing for my event presentation for our possible sponsor for this event. Been monitoring all blog activities and thanks to all for blogging it all about it. My blog is turning into a comics news blog site, I just can't avoid it because everything around me hits my interest especially about the comics seminar and the Carlo J. Caparas thing.

I might post later for some updates.

Komiks! Andito na (ads) part 2

heto pa mga ads!!!!!!

kita ko sa may Edsa sa may MRT taft

the ad says September 4, but the comics newstand will be release on the 14th.
according to the people of PKMB that there will be a float parade on that day in Manila.
roaming and promoting to the Filipino masses that the news stand comics are back again
for only Php 10 pesos.

Transformers Too

click the image to read the strip
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comic strip by Lyndon Gregorio, creator of BEERKADA . you can view it originally here in his Deviant ART at :iconbeerkada:

Starring Me and the Transformers king! Mark Cerbo.
hahhahaha! yeah! we watched the advance screening of Underdog movie yesterday sponsored by HERO TV and Mark already spoiled me something about this strip when he met Lyndon in Megamall.

Lastikman - toy launching event


Yes, folks, Lastikman will finally have it's very own ACTION FIGURE line. The toys will be available for purchase on that day. Mark your calendars and visit the toylaunch and get a piece of Pinoy History with the kookiest and stretchiest Pinoy superhero ever! LASTIKMAN!

Games, prizes and fun for the whole family awaits on October 13, 2007 in Toy Kingdom SM Southmall, WALASTIK!!

info source :

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// according to PTK that the toys will have variants paint version, and costume version like the old costume.

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