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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lokal Komiks Balita Ngayon

TOPAK Humor Magazine #1 Booksigning in Powebooks
September 22, 2007 from 5-7pm at Powerbooks, Greenbelt, Makati.

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Also during the signing, Stanley Chi will be there too for the booksigning of his comics CHOPSTICKS

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and finally, buy the latest OCTOBER issue of THE BUZZ magazine, Gerry Alanguilan's new graphic novel titled TIMAWA is now printed in the latest issue and it will be available every month.

image scan from KC's blog

The Lastikman convention will be on October 6-7 at the Trinoma Mall. Im very excited on this because they will be having a big exhibit of all Lastikman stuff, from original comics, printed comics and merchandise. They were planning also to have a Mars Ravelo exhibit at the event.

View here the super series of ABS CBN, Lastikman.
this is the press launching of the new comic tv series.

the series will be shown nationwide this Sept. 24, 2007. Also check out soon the website of it at

and from the PEX forums :
LASTIKMANIA: The Making of Lastikman
September 22, 5:45 PM

and check this cool image of Lastikman!!!

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uploaded by Parc man in Flickr

and now.. I've met Randy Valiente while ago during the meeting with the artist and Sterling and he just told me his plans of releasing his book " Komiks: sa paningin ng mga taga komiks" (Comics: in the vision of the the people who do comics). a book by Randy and Fermin Salvador.
The image book cover below is not the final cover, he just said that the final one will be finished at the end of the month and the book will be ready for sale during the 1st week of October.
Im now helping Randy to have a book launching and since that the book is been long waited, a possible book launch might happen in one of the comic shop in Manila. And since the book is not yet ready for distribution in the local bookstore during the time, a launch will take place just for everyone. and maybe soon a booklaunch in one of the leading bookstores.

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short buzz... I'm organizing a big comic festival happening maybe next month in one of the cool venue in Manila, it might be a two blockbuster comic gathering for the month of October. Watch out for it !!!!! and I just told this earlier to a guy I met in the artist meeting awhile ago :)


If there is a Manga comics... soon there will be another fruit sound comic title coming on November. is it banana comics? guava comics? pakwan comics? rambutan comics?
I dont know, but I just mentioned it already and just guess it for youself :)


Join the comic script and editorial cartoon contest!
you can download and read the form here Form 1 and Form 2
I will be uploading the form for the script contest, but if you are interested.
drop me an email at azrael at gmail dot com

Friday, September 21, 2007

Caparas' Komiks - Issue 2 - PREVIEW DAY

sorry guys!
issue 2 will not be available this friday..

but it will be available next FRIDAY Sept 28, 2007

due to the demand of the buyers and suppliers.
they printed a 2nd run on the 1st issue.

and the issue 2 shown here came fresh from the press.
and the suppliers requested not to release the issue 2 for this week
due to insistent public demand of the 1st release.

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Klasik Komiks cover of Kroko

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Estudyante Komiks with the girls cover again.

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Martin Cadlum unveils to us the 2nd issue of the comics, fresh from the press
and also he narrates to us the changes of the 2nd issue, he said that it was learning process
for the printing quality after the 1st issue quality result.

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OFW Super Stories. cover of Gagambino versus a giant snake.

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print quality inside the comics

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Blanco Negro, art by Dell Barras

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Hal Santiago's art

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everyone gang up on the new issue hahahah. its hard to read all of it due to excitment
lets wait for the release of the new issue next Friday.

more PHOTOS here

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalawakan 5th update and last

Here's a video from
its about the launching of Zaido

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this will be my last update for the Zaido Pinoy series.
Are we really ready to enter the world of tokusatsu ?? (live sci fi )

at first, when the teaser trailer came out on TV, Im disappointed on the costumes of the metal hereos, I expected too much and here they are now.

they should fix more on the helmet and the spandex. Metal Heroes costumes dont show too much spandex and they are super fit, not revealing the muscles, and the texture of the materials

if you see closely, it resembles a close design to Shaider.

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Is this the lost brother of Fuuma ???
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the new Annie
with this! we are now expecting the Shaider tradition hehhehe..and you know what I mean.

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the Amazons

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M. Bison of Street Fighter?????????

more pics here

Thursday, September 20, 2007

dead sick

I was about to leave today for delivering some stuff of the comic seminar, suddenly I felt dizzy and became sick. thats why I took a short nap upstairs and while I wait for my internet to connect. I was knocked out for 3o minutes. It seems that I got a flu or something. the rain yesterday is not healthy to me. I bought an umbrella for P50 on top of the overpass in Morayta, but I think I should have bought the P80 umbrella which is more bigger.

short umbrellas make me sick :P


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 10

I'm near in closing all marketing deals for the seminar and Im now planning on printing the final layout of the poster. Powerbooks is one of our sponsor, now waits for the poster to be posted in all of their branches nationwide and I'm very excited for promoting the seminar in their bookstore. I'm tied with Powerbooks before with my old group Anima Anime, we conduct a monthly series of events of anime in Powerbooks Makati and been always there joining and supporting Culture Crash in some of their book signing events in other branches, and also for Beerkada too.
I'm happy that Im partnering with Powerbooks again. Its been more than 10 years since my last team up with them.

I'm excited again for my coming meeting this friday, I just do hope that it will turn out well. I know its a positive approach because they already told me their interest in joining the seminar.

On the way home, Mike Tang of Dig Deep Entertainment called on my phone. He's in Hong Kong and me stuck in traffic in Cavite. He address to me their interest in joining in the event. He mentioned to me also their new lines for Marvel comics toys for Asia.

its a big wow! for today and Im very happy on the turn out of everything. Im now preparing my time table and Im expecting to finish all this next week or before the months end.

Thanks to Neorama for including the new and link of the comic seminar in their online comic newsletter. And the title says in their website in Brazilian language.

Em outubro, o maior evento dos quadrinhos das Filipinas

meaning -
In October, the biggest event of the quadrinhos (comics) of the Filipino.

Artists' Den in UST (comic workshop and exhibit)

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UST Accountacy Journal

a pause from numbers

A Literary and Art Lecture
workshop and contest

Venue : Velayo-Sycip Multi Purpose Hall
AMV College of Acountancy bldg,
University of Sto. Thomas

Speakers for Arts. (9am-5PM)

Sept 19 - Gerry Alanguilan (Comics Story Telling) , Ariel Atienza and Lyndon Gregorio ( Comic Strips )

Sept 27 - Wilson Tortosa ( Cartooning and Comics)

for other inquiry - email Dorothy Cay-an at

Contest will start at the afternoon, after the lecture.

1st prize - P1000, plus gift item
2nd prize - gift item
3rd prize - gift item

poster design by : UST Accountacy Journal

// see you all later !!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photo trip in a bus+ comic seminar production note 9

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this is us yesterday inside the bus going home to Cavite.
we are having a photo tripping while crossing in Pasay to the highway coastal road.

I like riding the Erjohn bus, because the aircon is cold and the seats are a lot more bigger than the Crow bus.

While we go ride the bus, we enjoy eating our favorite Mcdonalds meal, and if we get lucky on time, we watch Meteor Garden inside the bus. Its a lot more better to watch tv series and the local news. Sometimes the pirated dvd show sucks..


got tired after delivering the tickets and poster of the seminar to 2 malls, and today I'll be traveling back again to Manila to deliver more tickets and poster to 2 other big malls.
Thats Glorietta and SM Mall of Asia.

Our printer ink is out, so I'm going to Netopia for the document prints and poster.
I'm so excited for a meeting this friday with a big TV company and I'm glad that they liked my proposal for the event. so excited... wapishhhh!!!!

Pinoy comic artists participate in Wonder Woman Day

Filipino comic artists and Glass House Graphics comic artists are participating this October 29th Wonder Woman day. They will be donating their artwork in the silent auction and the proceed goes to charity.

JIM JIMENEZ (pencil)
Grand Theft Galaxy, DC Color Book
Jim's Website

LUI ANTONIO (ink & marker)
WarHammer, Red Sonja, Lightning Kiss
Lui's Website

Brats, Clash, Mysterio, Roller Dudes
Anthony's Website

Star Wars:KOR, Micronauts, Irregulars
Bong's Website

Maze Agency, Tomo, How To Dra
Ariel's Website

Transformers, Pirates, Silent Strike
Aries' Website

Tomo, Serenity manga
Bonkz's Website

JON RACIMO (mixed)
Tomo, Orion, DC Coloring Book

check the website here for the online comic museum for Wonder Woman

Caparas' Komiks and Sterling thank you's

Source: Randy Valiente's Usapang Komiks

Magandang Gabi Po!

Maraming salamat po sa inyong mga obserbasyon sa unang hirit ng atin Komiks. Valid po ang mga oberbasyon at kami ay babawi sa susunod na issue para mapaayos ng mabuti ang printing!

Ilan lang pong klaripikasyon sa produkto:

1. Ang selyo po na nakadikit sa Komiks ay proteksyon lang po sa dating "habit" ng merkado na pagrerenta ng Komiks at babalik sa Publisher ng walang bayad. Yan and isang dahilan kaya namatay ang Komiks. In fact, nuong kapanahunan ni Don Ramon Roces, ang cover ng Komiks ay pinaltan at ginawang newsprint para di tatagal at di maparentahan. Noted po yung inyong komento at papagbutihin po natin sa mga susunod na kopya ang selyo!

2. Sa presyo po naman, kami po ay nakipagugnayan na sa mga distributors and dealers na isaayos ang presyo at sundin ang P10 sa suggested retail price. In fact, sa ibang area ng Metro Manila ay meron din nagbebenta ng P12 hanggang P15. Ito po ang resulta ng pag-ubos ng kopya ng mabilis at malamang ang ibang mga kaibigan natin ay sumakay sa paghahanap ng mga konsumer.

Maraming Salamat Po Muli at Inaasahan Ko Po Ang Inyong Mga Komento Sa Susunod na Araw!

Martin S. Cadlum
Sterling Publishing

Hhehehe, I'm glad that they will act on the price increase of the comic sellers in some areas, I know its bad and they shouldn't take advantage for it. thats for the number 2.

for number 1. I believe on the point of it, for having a seal tab on each comics, someone shared to me the experience of the same incident on returning back the remaining copies to the publisher, but the publisher didn't know that the product has been circulated and been collected afterwards after the day.

the seal tab is much better, I know many of you complains about it. But it is much better than we use plastic in sealing the comics. you know that its already not healthy to our environment to have lots of plastic floating around.

Monday, September 17, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 8

I just visited several comic shops this afternoon, I posted the seminar poster and also the tickets.

You can now buy the seminar tickets to these comic shops, which serves as our official ticket center.


SM Megamall and Robinsons Galeria (tickets are now available)

Comic Odyssey
Robinson's Galeria Branch (tickets are now available)

the other branches of Filbars in Viramall, Glorietta 2 and SM Mall of Asia will have its own ticket center inside and also Comic Odyssey Robinsons Manila and PLANET X in Trinoma Mall,

I'm now preparing to create the TV ad of the seminar, and also some magazine ad project.
Radio ad will be heard in Jam 88.3 FM, I'm still in the middle of Mt.Everest and at the end of this month the seminar will be a full blast promotion.


Caparas Komiks, sold at Php 15 ???

the original price should be P10. But why is it in Tacloban City that the comics is priced at Php15 and instead of its original price. Komiks sellers know the demand of the comics and now are taking advantage of it.Adding Php5 pesos for another profit for them.

is that bad ?

I won't be surprised if I saw these komiks in priced at P100.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st ASEAN Comics Convention

(Image not related to this article, this will represent what ASEAN is for)

just heard this in a radio interview today, that Carlo J. Caparas and the Komiks involved in here are now planning for having a 1st Philippine Komiks Convention. and now targeting for the ASEAN comics convention that will be held here. No other information was released, they just gave us a big teaser for their next project.

now my question .... Are they aware of the KOMIKON ??
I didn't created that for nothing, and now it seems that it was never been recognized after all.
But some who been there and participated knows about it. And if they aren't aware of it.
If I attend on their next meeting, I'll tell them more about it, even that I'm not part of the organizing event for this.
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